Tuesday, March 23, 2010

12 States File Lawsuits Against Mandatory Insurance (but not auto insurance)...
Some analysts blaming Obama administration for emboldening Arabs
Assassination Calls on TWITTER; Secret Service to Investigate...
After unchallenged health victory, Obama hoards move in for the kill: climate...
Jerusalem Mayor: Build 50,000, not 1,600, New Jerusalem Homes
‘Ketzaleh’ Warns US: Surrendering Land brings Rocket Attacks
‘Jihad Jane’ Part of Growing US Jihad; ‘American like Apple Pie’
Video of Clinton: Building for Jews in Jerusalem Bad for US

Russian Intel Warning: 50,000 New Troops for new Tax SWAT Teams
IRS Needs Additional $10 BILLION to Be the Nation's Health Enforcer...
A new Federal Security Services (FSB) report prepared for President Medvedev is warning today that the recently passed healthcare law in the United States is a cleverly crafted “regime changer” that will soon unleash upon America over 50,000 heavily armed tax police
“One of the most troubling aspects of this new IRS authority is the newly granted power to collect additional taxes from Americans whose health insurance coverage is deemed to be insufficient to meet the definition of minimum coverage, as defined by federal bureaucrats, required to be purchased,”

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