Friday, March 12, 2010

Mexico joins Germany for US civil war
Residents of Falcon Heights, a south Texas border town, saw a Mexican helicopter hovering over a house shortly after 6pm on Tuesday night. The chopper conducted surveillance for about 15 minutes before flying back to Mexico.

"Biden Blatantly Interfered in Israel's Affairs"
Apostles at Lehman caught with separate books...
Lehman as “Repo 105” and “Repo 108” transactions, to temporarily remove securities inventory from its balance sheet, usually for a period of seven to ten days, and to create a materially misleading picture of the firm’s financial condition in late 2007 and 2008
Central banker says USA should not blame others...

SPLC Judenrat find another enemy...


Alex Jones
Listen - Will & Gary on InfoWars - Alex's Reaction to seeing Camp FEMA for the first time
Alex Jones
Listen - Will & Gary on InfoWars (Recorded at Alex's InfoWars studio in Austin, TX)
Jason Bermas
Listen - Will & Gary on The Infowarrior (Recorded at Alex's InfoWars studio in Austin, TX)
Badlands Radio Update
Listen - Director William Lewis speaks with host Jack Harris about recent updates to the Camp FEMA story.

NASA says about trees on Mars: 'dey be rubbish like in da hood'...
Learn significance for followers of Yeshua in 'Feasts of the Lord' video
Spring Feasts DVD
2009 Passover