Monday, March 29, 2010

Passover Evening of Monday March 29 through Evening Monday April 5
Pesach (Hebrew for Passover) is one of God's appointed times commemorating God’s deliverance of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. Pesach recounts how God judged the pagan gods of Egypt by sending ten plagues upon the land, its animals and the people who worshipped those gods. With the tenth and final plague, the killing of the first born, God compelled Pharaoh to release the Israelites.

The term Passover comes from the final and most awful plague with which God struck Egypt: The killing of the first born. It is described in the book of Exodus in the following passage, when God says to Moses:
"It is the Lord's Passover, I will go through the land of Egypt on this night and I will kill all the firstborn, both man and beast and I will execute judgment against all the gods of Egypt. When I see the sign of the blood, I will pass over you and this plague will not destroy you when I strike the land of Egypt. In all future generations you will keep this feast for ever."

From Yours Truly,
The Terrorist of Egypt