Friday, July 23, 2010

New Hurricane Will Require Gulf Evacuation...
Simmons still hints at a bigger leak 5 miles away

Matthew Simmons, founder of the Ocean Energy Institute and former energy advisor to President George W Bush, spoke with Bloomberg TV yesterday.

Mr Simmons said that while the leak has been stopped from coming out of the riser, danger awaits five to ten miles away, where there is a more important leak caused by the explosion of the blow-out preventer. …

Obama to be in Gulf during evacuation...
"Second Oil Spill Confirmed -Smaller than the First
Tropical Storm Headed Towards Oil Spill Site
American-Born Patriots Causing Alarm For Junta Defenders...
Armed Americans patrolling AZ border...
...Tax Tsunami On The Horizon...
Pastor Rick Warren Cursed: Eyes 'Severely Burned'...

Peak Oil Price Scam to Continue
John Hofmeister: It’s my understanding BP has promised not to profit from this well. In my opinion, however, failure to produce this huge natural resource would be a loss to the nation.

Alex welcomes talks with English writer, public speaker, and former media personality David Icke. Additional guests include the producer of the landmark documentary The Secret Of Oz: Solutions For a Broken Economy, Bill Still, and Gerald Celente, trend forecaster, publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultant, and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other events. Rocker, former guitarist for The Amboy Dukes, and advocate of the Second Amendment and hunting rights, Ted Nugent, also talks with Alex.


mars pole: infestation of giant gastropods

mars: giant reptile & offspring at bottom of ridge

mars: giant bird foot prints

Thursday, July 22, 2010

YouTube Video

Other recent Matt Simmons interviews

July 19, 2010 interview with Dylan Ratigan MSNBC:

YouTube Video

July 17, 2010 interview with King World News (2 parts, missing final minute):

July 15, 2010 interview with KPFK – Pacifica, Los Angeles (3 parts):


Matt Simmons under a gag order?
I believe Matt Simmons is trying to tell us, was Well #A. It had begun being drilled in late 2009, but drilling had to stop, as Hurricane Ida damaged the Transocean semi-sub Marianas, and it had to be pulled to port for repairs. Transocean semi-sub Deepwater Horizon was called in to finish, and they ran into the above problems.

Simmons, who in all his recent interviews keeps omitting this point, keeps saying that there is a big hole, and an oil lake, and the BOP was blown away, without giving the dates, or mentioning DWH was doing the drilling at Well #A. It seems to square easily that DWH was able to disconnect from drilling before the main #A blowout event on 13FEN2010. THAT BOP worked. If Simmons' is correct, the BOP was sealed, providing DWH time to disconnect. The pent-up pressure blew the BOP.

It would follow that DHW then moved to or near Site #B, and commenced drilling a Relief Well.

The DWH "Well #B" location is ~7-10 miles west south west of Site #A.

It blew-out on 20APR2010.

Stan guests on Joyce Riley's The Power Hour, July 20
listen hour 1, hour 2

FEMA Color Code List For Civilians? - Color Dots On Mailboxes
At the Ron Paul March on Washington in July 2008, Jack McLamb comments on how 911 was an inside job and exposes FEMA camps. Yes, thats where folks on the red, blue, pink and yellow lists are going! Mr. McLamb also warns that you should get guns and ammunition soon.

Red dot's will be killed?

Blue dots go to concentration camps?

Yellow dots will bow to the corrupt government?


Future Mars Landing Site in Acidalia Mensa
mars: forested area with off colors

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Secret Gold Coin Partial-Confiscation Slipped Into Health Care Law...
Intrigue Builds in the Comex Silver Pits
Gov't watchdogs: Mortgage program not working...
Housing Market Stalls...
Flight hits severe turbulence over Kansas; 30 injured...
Kansas heat wave has killed 2,000 cattle...
M 6.1, north of Halmahera, Indonesia
4.0 nevada
5.8 Iran
5.1 Vancouver Island, Canada
AUDIO: Lindsey Williams Gulf Update on Coast to Coast

Oil Expert Simmons Insists '20 Million People Are Trapped In Harm's Way'
BP Oil Leak Threatens to Bust Bedrock
Matt Simmons Interview – audio
Oil caused loop current to form an eddy...

Audio: U.S. Gulf Coast Population Has 80 Days to Get Out?

The Extinction Level Event Nobody Seems to Want to Talk About - the Gulf Oil Disaster
The religious angle is this. HASHEM caused BP to build a well that would be an accident waiting to happen. HASHEM then caused that accident to happen one day after Pres. Obama did something to damage Israel. If this bubble under the sea floor bursts, it will burst at a time – again – that Obama does something to damage Israel.

GRU: US TR-3B's Attacked Chinese Oil Pipeline

A dire report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the foreign military intelligence directorate of the Russian General Staff (GRU) is warning today that Total Global War may be “imminent” due to the United States “shock bombing” of 2 Chinese oil pipelines in retaliation for the Communist Chinese ally North Korea’s torpedoing and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, which we had previously reported on in our May 1st report “US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig”.

According to this report, US Air Force hypersonic space planes (commonly referred to in America as UFO’s) based out of Guam began infiltrating Chinese airspace a fortnight ago for the purpose of “target acquisition” to retaliate against the Communists. One of these missions was in broad daylight and forced the closure Hangzhou's Xiaoshan Airport.

Chinese authorities in Hangzhou reported that they had learnt what the “UFO” was after investigations, but said it was not the “proper time to publicly disclose” the information because there was a “military connection” to it.

Unfortunately for the Chinese, the “military connection” associated with these US “UFO’s” became apparent this Friday past (July 16th) when the port city of Dalian, located in China's Liaoning Province, was attacked by one of them when it fired “at least” 3 infrared guided missiles blowing up two oil pipelines.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Time Line 2010

  • March 19 - Quartet (US, UN, EU and Russia) meets in Moscow and calls on Israel to stop construction in East Jerusalem, freeze settlement construction and begin proximity talks with the Palestinians.

  • March 20 - Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted for first time in 200 years.

  • Intelsat said it lost control of the Galaxy 15 satellite on April 5, possibly because the satellite's systems were knocked out by a solar storm. Intelsat cannot remotely steer the satellite to remain in its orbit, so Galaxy 15 is creeping toward the adjacent path of another TV communications AMC-1 satellite that serves U.S. cable companies. This could be a precursor to the major solar storm expected on May 2013 when some of the world’s 940 satellites will be at risk.

  • April 14-19 - European air space shut down due to ash from Iceland volcano. Over 100,000 flights cancelled costing $1.7 billion in damages. The ashes spread over Europe during Europe's Holocaust Remembrance Week (April 11-18).

  • April 19-20 - Israel's Independence Day - "There is a confluence of two very worrying events," said Michael Freund, a rightist columnist for The Jerusalem Post in a telephone interview. "One is the Iranian threat, an existential threat. Add to that the fact that for the first time in recent memory there is a president in the White House who is not overly sensitive to the Jewish state and its interests. You put the two together and it will affect anyone's mood, even an optimist like me."

  • April 20 - Indyk: Netanyahu must choose: Obama or his right-wing Likud Party.

  • April 20 - Major Gulf of Mexico oil spill begins at Horizon.

  • May 2 - Nashville flood damages estimated at $1.5 billion in that city alone, with more in Tennessee and Kentucky.

  • May 5-8 - George Mitchell in Jerusalem for peace talks.

  • May 5-13 - Iran, Syria and Hezbollah pounding the war drums. Iran developing cruise missile. Kicked off new "eight-day" war games and military maneuvers in the strategic Persian Gulf waters, the country's second military show of force in less than a month.

  • May 10 - Greek debt crisis - EU and US commit $1 trillion to keep euro from collapsing.

  • May 11 - Russia considering providing nuclear energy technology to Syria and Turkey.

  • May 11 - Accuweather's Chief Hurricane Meteorologist Joe Bastardi predicts a total of 16-18 storms this season. To put that in perspective, only eight years in the 160 years of records have had 16 or more storms in a season.

  • May 31 - June 6 - Israel and Turkey at serious odds over flotilla incident. Turkey is continuing to align with Iran and Russia, which are key countries in the Gog and Magog force spoken of in Ezekiel 38-39. Israel being further isolated internationally.
  • King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia visited the White House on the 1th of Tammuz (June 29) to discuss Middle East peace and other issues.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the White House and committed to peace talks as soon as possible with Palestinians security guarantees.
  • Christian News

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is averse to resuming direct Middle East talks in the near future despite the Obama administration's "strong belief" that such negotiations could begin within days or weeks, Israel Radio reported on Friday, citing sources in Ramallah.

    U.S. envoy George Mitchell was in the region this week, shuttling between Ramallah and Jerusalem for separate rounds of talks with Abbas and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Mitchell has been moderating the proximity talks between the two sides for the last two months.

    Washington, D.C. metro area rattled by area's largest recorded temblor

    The largest earthquake ever recorded near the capital rattled
    Washington, D.C., early Friday, waking many residents but causing no reported damage.

    The quake hit at 5:04 a.m. ET with a magnitude of 3.6, according
    to the U.S. Geological Survey. It was centered near Rockville, Md., the USGS said.

    NBC News reported that the quake was felt in the D.C.-area, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

    United States Extreme Heat Developing,
    Phoenix and Palm Springs 115 to 117 F
    (click for video)

    While Bernie talks about the heat returning to the eastern United States, Ken points out how hard it is to set record highs in the hottest locations and hottest time of the year but that is coming.

    Dr. Jeff Masters: La Nina is here

    The implications
    It is well-known that both the number and intensity of hurricanes in the Atlantic tend to increase during La Niña events. However, as I discussed in a post last month, since 1995, neutral years (when neither an El Niño or La Niña are present) have had Atlantic hurricane activity equal to La Niña years. The last time we had a strong El Niño event followed by a La Niña event in the same year, in 1998, we had a Atlantic hurricane season 40% above average in activity, with 14 named storms, 10 hurricanes, and 3 intense hurricanes. The season was relatively late-starting, with only one named storm occurring before August 20. I'm thinking this year's season may be similar, though four or more intense hurricanes are a good bet due to the record warm sea-surface-temperatures (SSTs).

    Both El Niño and La Niña events have major impacts on regional and global weather patterns. For the remainder of July and August, we can expect La Niña to bring cloudier and wetter than average conditions to the Caribbean, but weather patterns over North America should not see much impact (Figure 2.) Globally, La Niña conditions tend to cause a net cooling of surface temperatures. Thus, while the past twelve month period has been the warmest globally since record keeping began in 1880, it is unlikely that the calendar year of 2010 will set the record for warmest year ever.

    National Guard’s DHS Response Force to Patrol Missouri, 9 States
    BP Covering Up Massive Hole Miles Away
    - Vid
    BP Has Stopped the Oil From Flowing ... But Is It Only Temporary?
    “They know this well can’t be shut in for a long period of time” (VIDEO)
    3.7 Quake - POTOMAC-SHENANDOAH (1 mi NNE of Gaithersburg MD)

    Date: 07-12-10

    Weather Forecast

    JULY 18-20 α SLAP (BC=70% Confidence)
    ● TD/TS Caribbean (& track N to GoM) or GoM with track northward Land effect likely

    JULY 22-23rd - θ Δ type SLAP (AB = 80% confidence) RED WARNING
    ● Extreme events in various parts of World.

    JULY 24-26/27 TOP α,θ SLAP (A=85% Confidence) TOP RED WARNING PERIOD
    ● TS/H5 East Pacific off Mexico heads West. Two storms likely


    mars: top of bottom 1/3rd, far left: cave with 2 winding trails


    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    Mitchell to push direct talks - Jerusalem confident US supports moving forward with discussions
    US Criticizes Israel for Razing Slums in Jerusalem
    US Sending New Security Coordinator for Israel and PA
    BP halts pressure tests: Leak "ERUPTED" while shutting off oil...
    Is BP Readying A Nuke 'Super Weapon' For The Gulf?
    America Stands On The Precipice Of Total Collapse
    Alex Jones: Obama to Stage 9/11-OKC Style Event to Save Presidency

    PA Planning to Open 2nd Front inside Israel
    "We now hold a large and precise bank of Israeli targets, and Israel will have to pay the price for any step it takes"

    The New Dead Sea South of New Sodom

    AUDIO: Alex Jones Predicts Total US Collapse 2011-2013
    DHS antcipates US rebels will blow up trains - Drills in Kansas


    Our Solar System has experienced not just one, but two icy fragmentation’s. One on the Roche Limit of Saturn, and one near Mars. One resulted in Saturn's icy rings, which are at its Roche Limit. The other produced the dry river beds of Mars.

    A rock comet Astra and an ice comet Glacis
    A rocky fragmentation, that of Astra... It was of the type of the fragmentation that produced rocky debris... The icy spray on Mars was thousands of years after the rocky fragment spray by Astra... Ice balls were delivered to the Solar System by being towed satellites of planets like Jupiter and Saturn

    POST ASTRA IN TIMING. The timing of the Astra fragmentation has not been tied down, yet prospects are good that it can and will be done. Whatever the timing of Astra's demise, the icy fragmentation causing these flash rivers was later.

    The later dating is established because a dry river bed is found where its ancient river flowed into one side of an older crater, filled it up, and then flowed out the other side again, same flow volume.

    TWO ICY FRAGMENTATION’S. If the hemispheric geography of the dry river beds is correctly understood, and if the suddenness in the appearance and outflow of those rivers is correctly understood, the Eastern Hemisphere of Mars suffered a sudden icy spray from space. Recently, in terms of astronomical time, that is.

    mars: sewage pond

    sewage ponds

    Patten/Velikovsky's Comet

    In The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch, [29] Donald Patten contended that the antediluvian Earth was completely surrounded by a water vapor Canopy at an altitude of between five and ten thousand feet, similar to Venus's heavy cloud cover. Influenced by Flood Geology, Velikovsky, and earlier cosmic catastrophists such as Whiston, Patten argued that the Flood was caused by the close approach, in 2800 BC, of a comet which became the planet Mercury. Earth's gravitational force disintegrated an ice moon of this cosmic invader into fragments, half of which fell to Earth as rain. The rest formed a great ice ring around the Earth, then descended to the surface at the magnetic poles as a tremendous ice dump, collapsing the Canopy. The major component of the Flood was not the water from the cloud canopy, but extra-terrestrial water from the comet's ice satellite and immense tidal waves resulting from the comet's gravitational pull.

    (29.) Patten, Donald. 1966. The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch. Seattle: Pacific Meridian.

    The Flood as the Day of Judgment
    Saturn possessed satellites was known to the ancients
    (Tresman and O’Gheoghan, p36). That Saturn was regarded as a
    Second Sun, a Night Sun, is shown by Cardona (1977, p33) and
    others. That it was bright is claimed by numerous ancient texts
    and authors, surveyed by Jastrow, Mullen, Greenberg and
    Sizemore, Velikovsky (1973, 1978a), Cardona (1977), Tresman
    and O’Gheoghan, and Talbott (1980). That it became
    exceedingly brilliant just before the Deluge of Noah

    Velikovsky appears to have been the first to claim that Saturn
    became a nova, an idea that he found buried in Jewish rabbinical
    commentaries on the Deluge.

    At the time of its nova Super Saturn broke into at least three
    major fragments; these pieces, constituting the present Jupiter,
    Saturn and Neptune