Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Secret Gold Coin Partial-Confiscation Slipped Into Health Care Law...
Intrigue Builds in the Comex Silver Pits
Gov't watchdogs: Mortgage program not working...
Housing Market Stalls...
Flight hits severe turbulence over Kansas; 30 injured...
Kansas heat wave has killed 2,000 cattle...
M 6.1, north of Halmahera, Indonesia
4.0 nevada
5.8 Iran
5.1 Vancouver Island, Canada
AUDIO: Lindsey Williams Gulf Update on Coast to Coast

Oil Expert Simmons Insists '20 Million People Are Trapped In Harm's Way'
BP Oil Leak Threatens to Bust Bedrock
Matt Simmons Interview – audio
Oil caused loop current to form an eddy...

Audio: U.S. Gulf Coast Population Has 80 Days to Get Out?

The Extinction Level Event Nobody Seems to Want to Talk About - the Gulf Oil Disaster
The religious angle is this. HASHEM caused BP to build a well that would be an accident waiting to happen. HASHEM then caused that accident to happen one day after Pres. Obama did something to damage Israel. If this bubble under the sea floor bursts, it will burst at a time – again – that Obama does something to damage Israel.

GRU: US TR-3B's Attacked Chinese Oil Pipeline

A dire report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the foreign military intelligence directorate of the Russian General Staff (GRU) is warning today that Total Global War may be “imminent” due to the United States “shock bombing” of 2 Chinese oil pipelines in retaliation for the Communist Chinese ally North Korea’s torpedoing and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, which we had previously reported on in our May 1st report “US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig”.

According to this report, US Air Force hypersonic space planes (commonly referred to in America as UFO’s) based out of Guam began infiltrating Chinese airspace a fortnight ago for the purpose of “target acquisition” to retaliate against the Communists. One of these missions was in broad daylight and forced the closure Hangzhou's Xiaoshan Airport.

Chinese authorities in Hangzhou reported that they had learnt what the “UFO” was after investigations, but said it was not the “proper time to publicly disclose” the information because there was a “military connection” to it.

Unfortunately for the Chinese, the “military connection” associated with these US “UFO’s” became apparent this Friday past (July 16th) when the port city of Dalian, located in China's Liaoning Province, was attacked by one of them when it fired “at least” 3 infrared guided missiles blowing up two oil pipelines.