Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rage over Obamaville ....... Rage over Foggy Bottom

Jerusalem Thaws the Freeze, Approves New Housing
... Mitchell Returning; More Talk on Not Talking
Netanyahu Denies Submitting to US Pressure
75-Truck Convoy to Syria with Missiles
Quartet Russia in fierce heatwave; Worst drought in 130 years...

Gulf Crisis - Military Moving In, People Move Out - Vid

GRU: Canadian Troops Ready for Duty in US
New reports circulating in the Kremlin today prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) state that NATO’s Chairman of the Military Committee Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola has ordered 2,400 Canadian Military Forces to prepare for deployment in the United States oil stricken Gulf Coast region.

A solar wind stream flowing from the indicated coronal hole should hit Earth's magnetic field on July 13th or 14th.

by Barry Chamish

Needless to say, it took months of precise engineering work to organize this decision to "pull" the building. So how did Larry know his building was rigged with demolition explosives? Come on, Larry, tell us! HOWDJA KNOW?
The most logical reason why Building 7 had to be brought down was that Flight 93 was supposed to have crashed into it but, inexplicably, crashed instead into Pennsylvania. With fire marshals snooping around, the whole plot would be exposed unless Building 7 was quickly destroyed.
And onward the peace diplomacy continued. Silverstein escaped his blatant crimes and attended a CFR party to raise funds for the evacuator of Gaza's Jews, Ariel Sharon.


Dead Sea was Once Filled With Oil
From time to time large quantities of bitumen rise to the surface from the bottom. Bitumen is also found along the shores and is referred to in Genesis (xiv, 10) where it speaks of the puteos multos bituminis — "many pits of slime". This feature caused the ancients to speak of the sea as the "Lake of Asphalt".

Asphalts are present in the Dead Sea basin in three forms: (1) huge blocks, up to 100 tons in weight, composed of extremely pure (>99.99%) solid asphalt occasionally found floating on the lake, (2) veins, seepages, and cavity and fissure fillings in Lower Cretaceous to Holocene rocks, and (3) ozocerite veins on the eastern shore of the lake. ... tectonic and diapiric activity caused frequent liberation to the Dead Sea surface of semiliquid asphalt associated with large amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas.


While on one side of the globe the sun failed to set, the dwellers on the other side lamented the long night that refused to end. What had happened? According to Velikovsky’s reconstruction, this was due to an irritation of the earth’s movement, brought about by a celestial body never seen before.

Chinese reports tell of a “brilliant star”, which appeared in the constellation Yin during the reign of Emperor Jahou and was visible in the daytime, “rivalling the sun in brilliance”(13) less of a star than a “fiery ball”(14). In the daytime, the tail of this comet was visible as a trail of smoke, whereas at night it was seen as a gigantic pillar of fire, a “torch spreading across the entire horizon”(15), at the appearance of which both “Heaven and Earth began to tremble.”(16)

On its orbit it approached the earth every fifty-two years. It so happened at the time of the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt that the earth twice passed through the tail of this unlucky star. The first passage was signalled by a fine, reddish dust that fell upon the earth and turned the rivers “into blood,”(17) and brought about a “severe plague.”(18)

Red-hot rocks of increasing size began to strike the earth, earthquakes shook the ground and there was an ceaseless, deafening roar. A pitch-black, burning mass (mineral oil) poured forth upon the earth and, drawn up by the gravitational pull of the foreign star, the waters of the sea rose up as a pillar, mile-high above the mountains and visible to all the peoples of the world.

40 underground cities in Turkey

Probable tomb of Noah At Mt. Cudi as indicated by Gertrude Bell in 1910 with pictures taken by Dr. Willis in October, 2004

Dr. Willis in 1996, seven miles from the Iraq border at the probable Tomb of a descendant of Japheth, Noah's Son.

"Is This The Tomb Of Noah"

Searching for the tombs of Noah’s family

Wyatt's expedition

Wyatt's Discoveries

Later expeditions also located what appears to be Noah's first home after the flood and the grave sites of Mr. and Mrs. Noah. The graves were evidenced by petroglyphs on the large tombstones. These were within ~5 miles of the Ark. Unfortunately, the graves were subsequently exhumed by grave robbers. The Turkish government later reported that a bodice that Mrs. Noah was wearing, which was covered with large precious stones, was sold on the Turkish black market for around $75 million. One of the burial crypts was later recovered and is in a back room of a museum in Ankara, Turkey. It is 18 feet long! Enormous human bones appeared in some of the hotels in the area soon after the graves were robbed. The size of the bones suggests that the Antediluvians were between 12-15 feet tall!

Noah's Ark and the ancientcity of Naxuan

Cornuke Expedition to Iran
But most amazing was the ark itself. It was found in sections, somewhat like a house that had collapsed over the years. Sections of petrified wood 12 to 14 feet high and 40 feet long were found.

The "Tombstones"

But the most interesting feature of this site was what was in the front yard -- there were two large stones, one sitting upright and one lying flat on the ground. Carved on these stones were a most exciting picture: across the top of each was an arc-shape; below this was a curly-cue which looked like an ocean wave, and atop it was a very simple boat-shape; walking away from this boat and wave were eight people -- the first and the largest was a man; next and second largest was a woman; the next three were all the same size and all smaller than the largest woman, and they were men; and the last 3 and the smallest, were three women.

It seemed quite obvious to Ron that these were iconographic representations of the 8 survivors of the flood, all walking away from the ship with a rainbow overhead. But what did it all mean?

When he studied these two large monuments more closely, he noted that on the one lying on the ground, the largest woman (the one representing Noah's wife) had her eyes closed and her head tilted downward. On the larger one which was still standing, he saw that BOTH the first woman AND the first man (Noah) had their eyes closed and heads tilted downward. Since these were in front of the house, he believed they were the actual tombstones of Noah and his wife.

The iconography showed that FIRST his wife died, and on her stone, only HER eyes were closed. When Noah died, BOTH of them were represented as dead.

What Ron and the boys had found these first two days were extremely important, Ron felt. While they didn't prove anything about the boat-shaped object, they were clear indications that a family of eight people had lived in this exact area at some very remote time in antiquity. The eight-cross design on the anchor stones showed that someone during the Christian era had identified these huge rocks with the ark and its eight passengers.

A modern mausoleum marks the site in Nakhchivan City traditionally believed to be the grave of Noah

Noah's Mausoleum in Cizre