Friday, March 19, 2010

AUDIO: 3-18-2010 Hawk/Evenson Final Warning to DC

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“It is incredible and even unprecedented for police officers here to be subject to terrorist attack”

Netanyahu to meet Obama Tuesday in Washington
Quartet Calls for Palestinian State Within Two Years
Quartet: Freeze Construction in Judea and Samaria

3-15 and 3-16-2010 AUDIO: Barry Chamish - War in the Near East
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BIDEN: 'We're going to control the insurance companies'...
Tax Revolt II: Health Bill 'Expands IRS Power'...
Pelosi Prays To St. Joseph To Pass Bill...
Secret plan to add $371 BILLION MORE to health takeover...
CATERPILLAR: Bill would plunder company $100M -- in the first year!

College CATS team practice isolating rebel fire team ...

The crash of 2010 is going to happen , you need productive capacity ..anything the government touches it turn into a disaster , they have Katherina quality rescue skills whether it is the economy or

Another pyramid: Columbia, 3-9-2010

The Ancient Hebrew Engraved in New Mexico
Web Bot Predictions for Summer 2010:

Web bots radio interviews

  1. With regard to economics, the predicted trouble is deep and wide. The issues include: a meltdown in commercial real estate;
  2. a banking system lock-up by early summer; US dollar death and global currency crisis;
  3. collapse of the US government;
  4. a reinforcing feedback loop of unemployment and bankruptcies; immigrants returning to their country of origin due to inflation and lack of jobs in Western countries.
  5. In the "secrets revealed" area: a push to tax churches leads to discovery of shocking secrets about organized religion; exposure of hidden 2012 knowledge is especially noteworthy and helps to propel revolution.
  6. The earth and sun play a big role in things over the next year: higher levels of solar intensity;
  7. 6-8 massive earthquakes in 2010, with unusual volcanic activity;
  8. weird/extreme weather;
  9. a shutdown of ocean currents and resulting climatic shifts.
  10. Food system impacts are caused by economic problems, weather problems, higher levels of solar radiation (which damage plants and ocean), and a lack of farm labor. This leads high inflation in food prices, food shortages, and food riots.
  11. Revolution will begin to emerge in 2010: tax revolts occur after Apr 15; the thematic/intellectual framework for revolution and reformation of government emerges after Jul 8;
  12. the revolution meme really picks up from Jul-Nov 2010 as a "war against the bankers/corporatists" emerges;
  13. a "populace government" form over the period Nov 2010 through Dec 2011.
  14. There are large hurdles and dangers to be overcome but the overall sense of the data is hopeful.
Highly Detailed Prediction for Summer 2010, Atlantis Rises Again
From Dataset 11:
The data set continues to show both (large groups) of (earthquakes) as well as (single, and very large earthquakes) within the next 10/ten months. After the spring equinox 2010, the Terra entity (changes/alterations) takes an even bigger growth spurt and nearly doubles in emotional tension value sums. Further, during the period of (increasing activity) or (new expressions of change), such old forecasts as (new lands rising from the ocean) will become more manifest.

The (new lands rising from the ocean bottom) will be part of (changes) at a (planetary level) that will reach enough (visibility) that the (planetary populace of humans) will, as a mass, (move toward acknowledgement) or (accept consensus) on the (devastating earth changes).

There are data elements at the detail levels that suggest the (seasonal changes from spring to summer 2010) will include (dusting from earthquakes) that will affect very large areas at a time. A (dusting) is described within the data set as (earthquakes so shallow) as to cause a (rolling wave) to (course/travel) through the (upper layers of the ground) such that (everything) is (picked/lifted/kicked up) to coming (down with a bang/loud noise) and the release of (masses of disturbed dust).

The accretion pattens for the (increasing planetary dislocations) include language (more likely in 2011 than 2010) that goes to the idea of (1000/one thousand mile circles) in which (all bridges/dams/overpasses) will collapse (all in mere hours in a single day.)