Wednesday, March 17, 2010

President Calls for Establishing 'Palestinian State'
Clinton and Netanyahu Make up: We Really Are Friends
USA may be overthrowing Israel government, 'regime change'...
'Israel must prove peace commitment'...
National Debt Up $2 Trillion on Obama's Watch...
Dems healthcare plan will 'bankrupt the country in four years'...
HR 645 creates 6 camps: Feds get Ready for Civil War...
Top Ratings Agency Warns Austerity Riots Could Hit America
These “civilian facilities” on US military bases are to be established in cooperation with the US Military. Modeled on Guantanamo, what we are dealing with is the militarization of FEMA internment facilities.
Census threat:$5,000 fines
Bachmann, a Republican, said her family will only be indicating the number of people in the household, because "the Constitution doesn't require any information beyond that."
"Want to strike a blow for liberty, privacy, and limited government? Then answer only the question required by the Constitution How many people live in your home?" said Steve Dasbach, Libertarian Party national director.
Census at Paul

Walter E Williams discusses the bastardization of the census with Judge Napolitano on “Freedom Watch.”

Following are Gerald Celente's Forecasts for 2010:
  1. The Crash of 2010: The Bailout Bubble is about to burst. Be prepared for the onset of the Greatest Depression.
  2. Depression Uplift: The pursuit of elegance and affordable sophistication will raise spirits and profits.
  3. Terrorism 2010: Years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq ­ and now Pakistan ­ have intensified anti-American sentiment. 2010 will be the year of the lone-wolf, self-radicalized gunman.
  4. Neo-Survivalism: A new breed of survivalist is devising ingenious stratagems to beat the crumbling system. And, they're not all heading for the hills with AK-47's and pork & beans.
  5. Not Welcome Here: Fueled by fear and resentment, a global anti-immigration trend will gather force and serve as a major plank in building a new political party in the US.
  6. TB or Not TB: With two-thirds of Americans Too Big (TB) for their own good (and everyone else's), 2010 will mark the outbreak of a "War on Fat," providing a ton of business opportunities.
  7. Mothers of Invention: Taking off with the speed of the Internet revolution, "Technology for the Poor" will be a major trend in 2010, providing products and services for newly downscaled Western consumers and impoverished consumers everywhere.
  8. Not Made In China: A "Buy Local," "My Country First" protectionist backlash will deliver a big "No" to unrestrained globalism and open solid niches for local and domestic manufacturers.
  9. The Next Big Thing: Just as the traditional print media (newspapers/magazines) were scooped by Internet competition, so too will new communication technologies herald the end of the TV networks as we know them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lindsey Williams Forcast for 2010:

Another punch hole cloud, over Spokane...
Bolide over Jackson, Miss...
Viewers calling with wide spread reports of mysterious fireballs in the sky and loud booms... it was just this fire ball that was falling out of the sky and it made you think of a falling star expect during the day, and it was just bright red... a smoke trail lingered in the sky for about 15 minutes
previous report, Mont.:
heading East on I-90 at the 306 exit at 1:20 a.m. in Bozeman and to the South my wife saw what appeared to be a Large Blue Ball the size of a small building coming down

Forest fire on mars