Monday, March 22, 2010

Clinton: Israel Must Make Difficult Decisions
Abbas and Mitchell to Meet in Amman
Barak, Mitchell Express Hope for New Talks with PA
PM Netanyahu to Meet Obama in Washington
Bonds Show U.S. Losing AAA...
States sue EPA to stop greenhouse gas rules...
Regulators shut 7 banks in 5 states...
Jihad as American as apple pie, says US-born cleric...
Chinese researchers publish how to attack U.S. power grid; Cascading failure of entire system...
600 evacuated in Iceland volcanic eruption ...

Feds commit suicide: vote to nationalize all US medicine

Sphere flying above moon surface ------- compared to on-ground shadow

Cassini emitting gas, water, rocks, etc from S. Pole: has shown us images of occasional cannon-ball-like objects that rocket across one of the outer rings known as the F ring, without many clues about where they came from or why they quickly disappear. -------------------------------------- another view

That is the exact effect expected if the earth was surrounded by a water vapor canopy: a morning mist would form.

He further cites an experiment conducted by Dr. Dan Cook at Laurence Livermore National Laboratories for hydrogen bombs. Dr. Cook compressed water under super cold, cryogenic circumstances. The results were the separation of the oxygen from the hydrogen molecules. The oxygen turned blue, whereas the hydrogen became near metallic as a crystalline, transparent, fiber optic which was super conducive and ferromagnetic. With this evidence, Dr. Baugh suggests that the canopy would create a pink light when the sun shone on it and that the sounds emanating from the stars would be heard as music to the inhabitants [14].

Industrial Spill Found on the Moon

So far the tally includes sulfur dioxide (SO2), methanol (CH3OH), and the curious organic molecule diacetylene (H2C4).

Mars Moon Archeology

Appearance of hollow metallic structure with innumerable "hits" as if by artillery fire. Surface is burnished and dented.