Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Judenrat Accuse Tea Party of Radicalism...
Who is SPLC
What will happen to them
What do they do: "The Nazis used the Judenrat as a puppet government at the local level"
The war of the Hasmoneans - a war that began with a daring outburst and ended with freedom... Struggle today is to rebel against the immoral and anti-Jewish decrees, to proudly violate them

Like then, today as well, the struggle, unfortunately, is not only against the Greeks, but also against the Jewish Hellenizers who collaborated with the Greeks.

The First NGO

Judenrat Member Brodt will deal with labor affairs;

Judenrat Member Wiener will deal with housing;

Judenrat Member Hochgemein will deal with finance;

Judenrat Member Hufnagel will deal with Public Assistance;

Judenrat Member Rotrubin will deal with Public Health;

Judenrat Member Kelner will deal with registration and information;

Judenrat Member Tajkef will be responsible for the collection of taxes

National ID Card endorsed by Judenrat, for security reasons

The Modern Maccabees May Revolt
It is the religious practice today, to remain armed, free of personal and property registrations, inspections, permits, enumerations, or audits. Todays Hellenist is the pragmatic pastor and rabbi who agree to cooperate with the state and the parasite NGO's. Today, the axis of state, NGO, and clergy restrict our religious practice to mere praying and abstainance while the axis power steals our property and our land, restricts our movement, and now threatens to enter every house to inspect for a variety of axis policy concerns relating to carbon among other excuses.

Today's Hellenist are the Judenrat pastors and rabbis who have learned nothing. The revolts did not start with terrorist attacks against the government, but by killing some of them! The security organization got what it deserved later. It was the SPLC NGO's and the rabbis, and the "hate the sin love the sinner" pastors of the time who supported the state, who properly died first since judgment begins in the household of Hashem.

In the first revolt, after warning the official facilitator of the town hall meeting that there would be no compliance, the usual moderate stepped forward to show that not everyone agreed. The rest is history: "
The priest backed up his speech with decisive action. When another man openly stepped forward to offer the sacrifice prescribed by the king, Mattathias quickly killed both the traitor and the king's officer." (1 Mac 2:1-14)

America will descend into another civil war that will make all such wars fought since 1776 combined, seem trivial. There will be no more alliyah from America during that time. After making a great promise of freedom, and now to change their mind and make each other their slaves, there will be great resentment and wrath for this betrayal of a trust.