Thursday, March 25, 2010

'Netanyahu decided to spit into Obama's eye, this time from up close'

The Collapse of 2010 - Doomsday Scenario
As part of the ultimatum... Washington sources add that Netanyahu's public renunciation of Jerusalem construction was required to include also the large Jewish suburbs of the city
Rural home owners are going to be herded like cattle into "sustainable communities
Once accomplished, everyone will be moved into "Sustainable Communities." The move will be necessary because at least half of our land will be designated wilderness areas and off limits to everyone except government wildlife managers. Wolves, bears and cougars will roam the territory and without guns humans will be unable to survive in the wilderness. Sustainable Communities will be designed for bicycle and foot traffic.
Automobiles will be unecessary because the only highways will be International Super Corridors and off limits to civilian traffic.

[Orthodox Marxism emphasises that revolution comes from the urban working class and peasants and in fact even rural labourers are seen as forces of conservatism, even counter-revolution. Bolsheviks controlled Petrograd, Moscow, some other major cities, but not rural areas, and not non-Russian peripheries (Islamic), and not Siberia. A rural anarchist, viewed the Bolsheviks as urban dictators. Bolshevik rural control remained very weak. Bolsheviks had poor control over the countryside before the collectivization. ]
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