Thursday, March 11, 2010

Utah asserts state sovereignty over the fed...
Hawk Alert – German Soldier Admits They're Here for Gun Confiscation:
Date: 03-11-10
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A reader of this web site and listener to Steve Quayle's and Hawk's radio shows, who grew up in Bozeman, called here to report. He lives in Vegas now. This past Sunday he was in WalMart and encountered inside a group of six fully uniformed German soldiers. He walked over to them and asked politely. “What are you doing on American soil?”

In a heavy accent the German said he wasn’t obligated to disclose that information. He then said, “I know why you are here and I’ll tell you. I just want you to confirm it. You are here to assist in the confiscation of firearms from American citizens”.

The German nodded yes. He told the German not to do it, just go home because it won’t go well for you and your friends. He just walked away.

Russian intelligence report from 2-24-2010...
The GRU is reporting to Prime Minister Putin today that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ordered her Federal Ministry of Defense to place over 18,000 Bundeswehr troops under NATO command for “immediate” redeployment to the heartland of the US. According to these reports, Merkel received an “urgent” plea from Obama this past fortnight for these German troops after being told by his US Military Commanders that they may not have sufficient forces in their Northern Command to keep an expected American civil-war from occurring during the expected bank failures set to occur in their Nation in late April and early May.

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