Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Texas DPS Corruption Similar to Mexican, but Different

Jun 11, 2008 07:44

The Texas government and the Mexican governments are equally corrupt but express their wickedness differently. Trying to live in Mexico, “It’s simply impossible to eat, let alone rise up in life, under the legalized looting of many governments. So young men turn to other 'companies' who are less corrupt, loyal to their employees, and far more honorable then the government that supposedly controls Mexico.”

In the US, it is the same story with the subtle difference being that Americans share in the booty of their plunder. Also, in the US there is no personal integrity to draw young men away from the looting party, and personal corruption is at least as great as government corruption. Total regulation and surveillance is the tool used to plunder and guard against retaliation, while singing now empty patriotic songs to prevent young men from turning on their captors.

"The Mexican police are not exactly known for being incorruptible and their habits of living off the community they work in has made them much less attractive to the local people then the so-called 'criminals.'" The US version of living off the community is of course taxes, fines, regulations, and seizure.

The corruption of Texas DPS is not so much the personal corruption of a Mexican thief but of the man who, on behalf of the state, will do the same things.