Saturday, June 14, 2008

Learning from Your Enemies

Jun 14, 2008 12:36

The hated Hal Turner is demonstrating an admirable quality that we do not see in most of over 50,000 pastors and rabbis in America or Israel, that is loyalty to their own people. In the US the pastors are eager to join FEMA and the fed is eager to submit to any international agency; In Israel the leadership openly gives the houses and land of their people to "the ancient Palestinian people" who never existed while rabbis say, we don't need no 'stinkin' Mikdash.

Now compare the conservative right to the hated white nationalist who are saying: break the law, protect our own, hide them. Would that we had such leaders among our 'friends!' Instead we get Rick Perry raiding a Zionists kibbutz; George Bush's SPP, states selling assets paid for by Americans to foreigners, and of course DHS preparing for the mother of all civil wars. In each case, there are law abiding Christians or Jews willing to sell out their people (who are not the state). This is treason.

Here is the diabolical post below:

Attention NSM and ANSWP
83 Year old Nazi ordered deported from U.S.
I challenge both NSM and ANSWP to intervene and protect this helpless old man

This man is a real Nazi, direct from Nazi Germany. He fought for Hitler in World War 2. He is literally the embodiment of what both your groups profess to be.

I think it is a friggin disgrace that our Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) is so under Jew control that they hunted down and prosecuted this old man for doing nothing more than fight for his country. He is not accused of being a war criminal. He is not accused of committing any atrocities. To strip him of his citizenship and deport him more than 50 years after the US granted him a visa is a disgrace.

As such, I challenge the NSM and the ANSWP to step-up and shiled this old man. Offer him rotating places to stay here in America for the few short years he has left. Do for him what should be done and protect him by hiding him.

This is not difficult or wrong to do, although it may technically be illegal. I say screw the law and screw the Jews who are mis-using the law. I think you should hide this guy and thwart his deportation.

Of course if you offer this to the guy, he may turn you down, and that's fine. But the way I see it, you are obligated to have someone approach the guy and offer protection.

If you cannot protect an old man with proven dedication to the Nazi philosophy, then you'd better reconsider whether being in such "National Socialist" groups will ever achieve anything at all.

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