Tuesday, June 10, 2008

FLDS Waterloo? It's Not Over Yet!

Jun 10, 2008 07:32

The court rebuked Perry's Raiders of the Lost Sect and public support was running almost 500 to 40 in their favor but the battle lines are drawn and will not be erased.

Every political evil in America is focused on this one issue more than taxes, more than homosexual "marriage" or even their regulations and property seizures.

The state and their followers will tolerate anything--except meaningful separation from them. Say what you will, but keep paying the tax, complying with the law, and make your children their loyal subjects.

The children are released but not free: CPS can walk in at any time; religious education is monitored; all the children are registered and subject to random inspection; homeschooling is monitored. We warned you.

One statist said, "Good job" to Judge Barbara Walther... Walther is still trying to keep some control and be able to follow up and keep some protection for these children." The same judge that was ordered to vacate her illegal order is still breaking the law.

Why do they persist? It's all about religion. "How can any sane person expect the children from the YFZ Ranch near Eldorado to go back to a place where they were brainwashed, and for all intents and purposes, were prisoners?"

All religion is brainwashing. You choose your god, and by so doing you choose your judge and benefactor. Only the evangelicals have a religionless faith--it's a belief (in a dead rabbi) they say--no liturgy typically, they make it up as they go including making up what the bible law says about any subject.

Religious freedom is about to be eliminated.

One pagan said, "When military members return from internment camps, they have to be de-programmed," meaning making sure that somebody "living for Christ" does so lawfully, but not the law recognized by a rabbi!

The pagan continued, "Roll back all the footage and just watch those women and you see nothing but blank-faced women with no emotion that repeat the same answers." We wrote that the FLDS women were more commendable in their life style than the 700 Clubbers ever were. They answered the Nazis the way any sensible woman should--unless she is a State Baptist.

The fact that none of the captured booty wants out seems to gall the Raiders and they whine, "These children have now been out in the real world and exposed to different lifestyles and those controlling men aren't going to let them out from under their iron fist."

Now the feds are looking for Rick Perry's Raiders who successfully burned his Big-House to the ground just in time for the big-time Austin churches to see her smoke rising.

The ridiculous "Father Patrick Ebner, a priest at St. Mary's Cathedral, compared the alleged arson case to the 1989 poisoning of the Treaty Oak," which is the level of stupidity of the pastors.

DHS releases dribble about video tape but as the well hated racist Hal Turner advocated, plan for the cameras. What else could a few Texas red necks do?

This blasphemy toward the state is to receive a death sentence and every terrorist from Dan to Beersheba should be watching the tyrants.

"Austin resident Valerie Koy said she was concerned that a similar occurrence might happen at another building in the area, such as the Capitol." We can only hope.