Thursday, June 12, 2008

Relenting Messiah Spares Iowa Boys

Jun 12, 2008 10:22

The usual pattern is that just prior to a meeting between Israel and the US on the subject of creating a PA state, that disaster repeatedly strikes America. This weekend is another such time and is preceded by the Iowa camp tornado attack which appeared almost instantly and disappeared just as quickly, after one of the boys prayed.

One of the witnesses, Ethan Hession, 13, who was under a table with his friend said, "I just remember looking over at my friend, and all of a sudden he just says to me, 'Dear God, save us,'" he told "Today." "Then I just closed my eyes and all of a sudden it's (the tornado) gone."

The camp appears to be associated with Little Sioux Church of Christ. The United Church of Christ is somewhat divided about creating the PA state with the leadership in favor of the apostasy and the members resisting.

The Political Pariah may relent but most of the churches will never ask for or receive mercy. America is at war with the Messiah and there will be casualties.