Friday, June 6, 2008

Rick Perry Defends FLDS Raid Again

Jun 06, 2008 06:53

Rick Perry admits that the state broke the law but defends the lawlessness if it helps the women--the ones who refused to escape when the Raiders of the Lost Sect went in and liberated the "sex concentration camp."

Perry is another evangelical Methodist like Bush whose methods are tyrannical and antinomian. He was personally involved in the sin but justified it by his religious belief by saying, "I still think that the state of Texas has an obligation to young women who are forced into marriage and underage sex."

The statement appeals to pagans because marriage which is over 5,000 years old is not defined by the state which is less than 1,000 years old. It does appeal to the ignorance of Christians because they never use the bible to change their opinions.

Warning that they will not accept defeat, he said "He hopes state law enforcement officials and prosecutors 'continue to send the message' to the sect that child sexual abuse won't be tolerated." Abuse is relative to the alleged victims, whom have refused to leave when given the chance.

The conflict is destined to flare again because Perry indicated that plans are being made again. "Mr. Perry warned sect members that 'if you are going to conduct yourself that way, we are going to prosecute you. If you don't want to be prosecuted for those activities, then maybe Texas is not the place you need to consider calling home.'"

Perhaps America is not the place for Perry.

But, the battle lines are already drawn and no bible study will change the evangelicals who are behind the raiders. Even after the court rebuke, the state is not repenting and has required child inspection and even approval of religious education.

"Perry said he hopes CPS and the sect 'work together" to protect any sect children who may be in jeopardy," which is foolish since neither the FLDS nor the wives whom he repeatedly refers to as "children" considered themselves in danger. This is all evangelical-speak for the purpose of keeping the pew-sitters on the bench.

Texas and Perry should not have gotten away with a capital crime of kidnapping by ancient throw-backs to Topheth, where they killed their children to receive power. In this case--political power over the Running Man Christians by saying, "I am substantially less interested in these fine legal lines that we're discussing than I am about these children's welfare."

May Perry, Dobson et al join their "father" in the pit of Topheth at the time of his defeat.