Monday, June 2, 2008

The Pre-Reformation Concept of a Church-Government Partnership

Jun 02, 2008 08:46

The churches are creating public-private partnerships that can only result in dissolution of the United Sates because it is returning to the conditions that existed prior to the Protestant Reformation.

There were good reasons for the reformation which was a revolt against the government of the sixteenth century. It was caused by the same conditions present in America today: profane influences or exercise of authority by civil government; Commissaries sought to collect as much money as possible; The many taxes imposed; The ever-increasing centralization; Secular governments sought to control all matters; governing bodies were no longer confined... but affected almost every sphere of popular life."

All of this tyranny was done by the "Harmonious action of the ecclesiastical and civil authorities." And today the Churches having reduced the Reformation to "Salvation by Grace Alone," are repeating the same sins. It was in the "course of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries arose the modern concept of the State," which has proven to be worse than its predecessor.

In Texas, the lives of FLDS were regarded has heretical by Baptists and they became victims of the same medieval relationship whereby "heresy and schism so long held in check by the harmonious action of the ecclesiastical and civil authorities," was used to destroy their lives.

Now as then, it is because many Christian bureaucrats "bore themselves as secular rulers rather than as servants of the Church," with a redefining of biblical text.