Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Not A Obama Inspired Gun Sales Program?

Feb 27, 2009 11:01

Why Not A Obama Inspired Gun Sales Program?

If the Obamites can organize a gun buy back program that "was presumably held in Chicago on Sunday, February 15." Then why can't gun owners offer a Gun Sell Back program that allows guns to be taken out of the hands of those wanting to sell them, into the hands of those who want to give them a nice home?

The organizer,'s "Bryan Garcia, host of the event, offered to pay $1,500 per gun and $6,000 for four guns," and though the price is hard to beat, we should offer to provide a place where guns are exchanged privately, without registration, background checks, BATFE forms, ID or as much as list of attendees, for $15.00!

Private sales are galling to the statist and we should gall them some more by events that do not allow Dealers who for all practical purposes work for the government. Gun shows presently do not provide a place specifically for private sellers.