Thursday, February 26, 2009


January 2009

NOT FROM LINGUISTICS: After a brief period of stability, I expect the markets will resume their declines and this should last through late February or April.

The “Services Bubble” collapse begins. Excess services, shopping facilities, luxury goods begin to crater

Unemployment rate continues to accelerate upward – note that already the Obama team has mentioned a 9% unemployment rate, which is at least one third more than present and may go double-digits.

February 2009

Global tensions which have been in release mode due to falling markets since early October 2008, bottom out briefly starting in the Feb 14-Mar 1 area.

From this point, the country enters a period of ‘building tensions’ which will carry through into the ‘summer of hell’.

Global coastal event(s) start to heat up – lead in events possible.

Wave of enlistments to US Military as an alternative to unemployment (Obama youth corps?)

March-April 2009

Food/Goods riots/demonstrations/confrontations presage the broader breakdown of social contract over summer.

International pressure begins to build on the US dollar – this is a months-long process.

NASA (and political) Whistleblowers appear in number

NOT FROM LINGUISTICS: I expect to see non-paper assets of all types begin to appreciate (prices going up in dollar terms) of items like equipment, gold, silver, any fungible holdings (e.g. clothing, canned goods, etc.). Personally plan to be out of most government paper by this period.

May 2009

Squatters /displaced / homeless / unemployed persons begin to question the socioeconomic contract.
Prices of commodities continue rising (from dollar repudiation) and electrical power and other services become sporadic in isolated areas.

Continuing unemployment, pressures on government to reduce spending, while at the same time social services demands skyrocket trying to quell potential (turning to actual) violence

Global Coastal Events (GCE) go mainstream

June-July 2009

Experiences of the ‘summer of hell’ vary based on region. California may have veggies, but no power. Iowa may have corn, but no veggies, Northwest may have power, but little food – Concurrently there are lots of Terra events – goodly number of ‘summer shakes’ (earthquakes) but even though large enough to be normal ‘headlines’ they are instead footnotes to the breakdown of social contract globally.

(August 2009

Government services falter as budgets collapse.

Purchasing power of dollar failing in some regions leads government workers to walk off the job as they don’t get ‘value’ for ‘work’

Possibility of Social Security, and other government payments such as military retirement, being reduced or temporarily not available.

(September 2009

Geopolitical landscape dramatically changed as small communities evolve a ‘cooperative living’ model which we call ‘bogslife’ (beyond organizational and governmental systems). Like “Hippies 3.0” with no fall-back position.

Seriously eroded ‘federal’ governance model as selfsufficient sub regions arise more responsive to local conditions.

October 2009

Internet becomes sporadic

In late summer/early fall expect two major ‘ship disappearances (may or may not make public consciousness). One may involve two members of the royalty/aristocracy while the other may involve a boatload of Hollywood-types.