Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bishop Richard Williamson Should Never Have Been Excommunicated

Feb 04, 2009 08:28

Bishop Richard Williamson Should Never Have Been Excommunicated

Religious rehabilitation is the process of restoring to fellowship someone who was put out of the church for sin. Putting someone out of the assembly is called excommunication and is rarely done because of the low morality of churches.

In the case of Bishop Richard Williamson who was excommunicated, there is apparently little or no justification for having done so. Speaking an opinion about history is not a ground for excommunication, although sodomite pastors would be grounds and are not, such as with Ted Haggard.

Williamson is about as poor a judge as any other pastor and has a mixture of opinions from various sources. Holocaust denial is a new pop trend by people too lazy to study history, just as 9-11 denial has become. In the view of pagan scribes these people are mad, and by extension of their doctrines, ought to be arrested.

This case is being used to form a consensus of a need to act against those speaking contrary to the new orthodoxy, whereby they may be regarded as people of interest and potential terrorist threats. That would place them on the No Fly List and of course the anonymous claim that Williamson is "mad" would place him in the medical database. Both entries would revoke his Second Amendment right and right to travel according to Rahm Emanuel. Ultimately these are buy-sell controls, which the churches used to believe was an evil leading up to the one world government opposed to Christ.