Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Iraq Vets Begin to Dismantle the US

Feb 04, 2009 11:39

Iraq Vets Begin to Dismantle the US

William Lind frequently writes about the affect of 4GW warfare has on the crumbling nation state and warned that a few Iraq war vets would begin to reproduce the stateless environment of Iraq.

"Steven Andrew Jordal, 24, was an infantry tank specialist in the U.S. Army was arrested for making IED's and selling them to Oklahoma City "gangs"." In this environment we assume that "gangs" is the term chosen by government to denigrate some party and we do not assume that party is guilty of anything at all.

The lesson that the Muslims are teaching irreligious US troops is that the state can be successfully brought to its secular knees. "American and other foreign troops in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan are learning more than how to make IEDs and how effective they can be. They are learning by direct observation how a place works when the state disappears."

Statelessness may provide the wicked opportunity to rise fast and far only because the state has persecuted the virtuous and industrious, leaving only the state and it's companion, the wicked, as free to pursuit their own aims without regulation.

A danger that Lind points out is how after WWI, it was war veterans "looking to re-create that tremendous experience, who made up the Brownshirts of the S. A. Their very name, Storm Troopers, originated in what they had done during the war. They came home determined to create a different Germany, and they did."

That sword can cut both ways with men determined to restore a constitutional republic or with more men like we have today, determined to build a different America. If the former, it would not be the first time that veterans used arms to correct their own government.