Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tactics for Use Against the US Army

Feb 24, 2009 09:38

Tactics for Use Against the US Army

The US military is losing the war in Afghanistan and it is instructive to those patriots preparing to provide some firm guidance to the DC street gang, their scribes and lawyers making their living from them, to study the military tactics that the US does not use.

William Lind summarized the US military tactics in, "On War #293: The Price of Bad Tactics,” saying, "American infantry tactics are bad. They amount to little more than bumping into the enemy and calling for fire. The easiest way to provide the overwhelming firepower our bad infantry tactics depend on is with airstrikes."

The tactics that will work against the bureaucrats are well known and were written by the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Marine Corps, particularly the 4GW Light Infantry Manual. Lind says, "Superior alternatives are readily available. The ‘infiltration tactics’ used by German infantry in the Kaiserschlacht of 1918 are far superior. Better still are true light infantry or Jaeger tactics, which influenced the development of infiltration tactics. Light infantry tactics rely less on firepower and more on stealth, surprise, ambush and encirclement."

While the American military spends a great deal of time and effort telling itself how wonderful it is, American gun owners tell each other how overwhelmingly superior the US military would be in a confrontation with them. Tell that to the Afghan Jihadi that suffer relatively few casualties.

The gun owners would be better repenting of the same statist mindset as their enemy if they hope for more than a stale mate. "Almost all American training is focused on procedures and techniques, taught by rote in canned, scripted exercises where the enemy is a tethered goat. Free-play training, against an active, creative enemy, generates imaginative tactics, because whoever employs such tactics wins... In effect, many American infantry units have no tactics, they only have techniques."