Friday, February 27, 2009

The Intolerable Vileness of Pagans

Feb 27, 2009 10:19

The Intolerable Vileness of Pagans

Anyone using the enviro-friendly restrooms have already experienced the wretchedness that awaits the pew sitters, but the environmentalists had not yet dared to remove toilet paper and make them live like the Palestinian Gazans that Christens and Jews now resemble.

Before the US Gazans are ready to make the churches wipe their fattened rear ends with their hands as is the custom in Gaza, they are about to introduce them to reusable 'toilet wipes'.

No should recoil in bigoted revulsion against the culture of Palestinians because it is more a earth friendly religion, than one encouraging the use of toilet paper. And, according to the pathetic teaching of the pastors, "who are you to judge another?"

As long as the pew sitters slowly acquiesce to pagans, they should expect to become more like them; living exposed, in squalor, impoverished, hungry and diseased, smelly, and in fear of apparitions they will see haunting sustainable toilets.

Environmentalists are simply secular Muslims. Muslims frequently use their left hand as a toilet wipe and occasionally complain that they see Jinn haunting their latrines, waiting to molest them.

Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 1, Number 6 says, "These privies are frequented by the jinns and devils. So when anyone amongst you goes there, he should say: 'I seek refuge in Allah from male and female devils.'"

This same stench and fear will be the life of everyone who complies with environmental regulations, living a life in direct opposition to the law of the god of Israel, which includes the churches.