Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Alliance of US Islamic and White Nationalist Insurgents

Feb 26, 2009 06:59

An Alliance of US Islamic and White Nationalist Insurgents

The "conservatives” have been so bad at actually resisting the illegal and unconstitutional that by comparison, they are making those whom they would regard as unsavory to appear righteous.

The US patriots refused to exercise their 2nd amendment duty to provide firm correction to the states or to the fed and have allowed themselves to be pretty well destroyed, or to become as one congressman once said, “Not relevant anymore.”

We said that the US would have a multi front civil war with the “conservatives” actually siding with the feds and Muslims while constitutionalists would not ally with anyone.

A twist in that direction has begun with the man hated by “conservatives”, Hal Turner, who announced that preliminary talks began for an alliance between White Nationalists and Muslims. We predict that it will fare like Fatah and Hamas but admire the man for his willingness to fight rather than comply.

He announced that “For the past eighteen (18) months, prominent figures in the U.S. White Nationalist movement (guess who?) have been speaking with like-minded people from around the world [Kuwait] regarding our common enemy.”

“The vetting process was completed in early January. Those involved both here and abroad are completely comfortable that the right people are in the right place.”

“Months and months of checks, verifications, meetings, disclosures, unauthorized and unreported travel to and from the USA via private jets were required to lay the foundations for any type of possible alliance. Enormous sums of money from overseas funded this lengthy process and much much more money is now available.”

This was the allusion that was reported from Professor Abdallah Al-Nafisi of Kuwait, in a speech. If true, the operation is impressive. “The funding that has already come has allowed us to purchase over forty thousand (40,000) rounds of ammunition, each and every day, for weeks.”

The weakness is the pathetic but widely propagated doctrine by the pastors, who never saw a verse that they could not explain away into meaningless oblivion in 45 minutes, which says the god of Israel is confused about his name and occasionally calls himself Allah! Such confusion will become his death trap.

Turner said, “We and our like-minded foreign friends also agree that talking about these problems is no longer an option; it is time to act against these destroyers and those who do their bidding. It is time to clean house.” We disagree: it should have been done 20 years ago.

He said that an organization is already started and, “Those White Nationalists with a real track record of real action were approached and recruited to the basic organization.”

This may be why Operation Endgame was recently announced for summer 2009. Our statist masters refused to acknowledge that they knew about this alliance contrary to Turner’s assertion of absolute secrecy.

If the Appleseeders ever intended to act, they are out of time—if the Aryans begin operations this summer, and had best begin a crash program between now and June.

Ultimately we assign the blood guilt of the war to the churches and synagogues that were more Hellenist than Jewish, a statement particularly confusing to the Replacement “pastors”. They were not FEMA ordained for no reason and there will be few of them that will actually be called “martyrs” but many who will treated as traitors.