Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hal Turner's Procedure for Opportunity Ambush

Hal Turner's Procedure for Opportunity Ambush
excerpt by Hal Turner

I've long held the opinion that Ted Kennedy richly deserves to be as dead as his brothers John F. and Bobby, and, for a moment, I relished the opportunity to be the one who got them together!

Kennedy is talking to some women outside the main entrance of the hospital, so I casually go about my business which, at the moment is finding out where the CCTV cameras are, looking around at where the security detail is located, figuring out a place to fire at him where its least likely I'll be caught on camera and how to get to my car which was parked. . . . . where it was parked.

Within seconds I realize that if I move to the middle of Broadway, there's an island in the middle of the street with park benches and bushes, trees and shrubs that provide ideal cover; out of camera range but well within my ability to shoot and kill Kennedy.

I next realize there's absolutely no security detail whatsoever. I thought "This is odd." but who the hell cares since I've already decided to shoot him dead right there on the spot.