Sunday, March 29, 2009

MIAC Report is a Repeat of the Project Megiddo Report

MIAC Report is a Repeat of the Project Megiddo Report

The 2009 MIAC report is identical to the 1999 Project Megiddo report in that both can be termed as military assessments of an enemy. What makes for a domestic terrorist is summarized best by MIAC's conclusion that said, "Potential domestic terrorists might like gun shows, short wave radios, combat movies, movies with white male heroes, Tom Clancey Novels, and Presidential Candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin!"

The anti-Jew component is found by remembering that when Israel stood up and fought their enemies, they were highly respected by potential domestic terrorist. They liked the IDF and movies about their exploits. IDF militaria remains popular among the very people that the FBI regards as a potential threat. Israel’s leaders like Joshua and David were examples for domestic terrorist types.

The FBI wrote in 1999, "Many domestic terrorist groups could be characterized as cults, including Christian Identity churches, Black Hebrew Israelites, and some militias."

The reason for their preoccupation with "groups" and their "teachings" is that they all conflict with the politically correct version of the currently operative truth on some subject.

"Specifically, a cultic relationship refers to ‘one in which a person intentionally induces others to become totally or nearly totally dependent on him or her for almost all major life decisions, and inculcates in these followers a belief that he or she has some special talent, gift, or knowledge.’” These descriptions also happen to be a good description of state and federal governments, particularly of public schools, as being their own cult.

MIAC depends on the previous reports to determine which groups are less dependent on government and least easily conformed to "law." The signs of a separatist society, which is also a working biblical definition of "sanctification, or of a religious covenant community" is summarized below:

1 Sequestered Groups: Members of sequestered groups lose access to the outside world and information preventing critical evaluation of the ideas being espoused by the leader.

2 Leader’s History: The fantasies, dreams, plans, and ideas of the leader are most likely to become the beliefs of the followers because of the totalitarian and authoritarian nature of cults.

3 Psychopaths: Control of a group by charismatic psychopaths or those with narcissistic character disorders.

4 Changes in the Leader: Changes in a leader’s personality caused by traumatic events such as death of a spouse or sickness.

5 Language of the Ideology: Groups that are violent use language in their ideology that contains the seeds of violence.

6 Implied Directive for Violence: Most frequently, a leader's speeches, rhetoric, and language does not explicitly call for violence, rather it is most often only implied.

7 Length of Time: The longer the leader’s behavior has gone unchecked against outside authority, the less vulnerable the leader feels.

8 Who is in the Inner Circle: Cults with violent tendencies often recruit people who are either familiar with weapons or who have military backgrounds to serve as enforcers.

Finally the FBI forms their operational decisions based on what is called The Lethal Triad which they describe as the highest state of the following logic:

1. "Members are heavily dependent on the leader for all decision making almost always physically and psychologically isolate their members"

2. Isolation causes a reduction of critical thinking on the part of group members who become entrenched in the belief proposed by the group leadership. As a result, group members relinquish all responsibility for group decision making to their leader and blame the cause of all group grievances on some outside entity or force, a process known as projection.

3. "Isolation and Projection combine to produce pathological anger, the final component of the triad.”

The state and federal governments can not be regarded as anything other than a hostile foreign military power attempting to dominate separatist societies by isolating them from one another in order to defeat them without widespread conflict. They are inciting a Fourth Generation War which they have proven completely incapable of either comprehending or fighting. Their best hope is the pastors and rabbis themselves who refuse to insulate their congregations from the teachings of their 'governments."

The modern clergy are like 1939 Judenrat. The pastors claim their primary duty is to preach the gospel of rabbi named Jesus and disciple the converts to the rabbi's Judaism, but just as in 1939, "Despite all these important duties, none of them were as important as following the Nazis' commands. The Nazis used the Judenrat as a puppet government at the local level."

And so it has become today that FEMA proselytizes the rabbis and pastors into this new cult. And to think that Rabbi Singer regards Messianic missionizers as more of a threat than FEMA's missionizing! Perhaps, but on September 6, 1941, a few Jews agreed to stand up for themselves, the first act of collective resistance. "Between November, 1941 and January 1942, a nucleus of activists came together to organize the resistance. The goal was to oppose the Germans militarily." It was to suppress the Uprising in the Vilna Ghetto of Poland that a Judenrat was formed in that city.

If the rabbis and pastors repeat the sins of the past, can they survive a second reformation or Macabean revolt?