Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Forfeit Your Children if You Hide Them from the State!

Mar 03, 2009 07:12

Forfeit your Children if You Hide Them from the State!

If the Summer of Rage turns out the way US and UK LEO's expect then it is at least 15 years overdue. The "conservatives" find no true offence in the state, and work tirelessly to save the lives of the bureaucrats at the expense of liberty, but it is in vain when the bureaucrats find new reasons to commit kidnapping.

The FLDS mothers were commendable in their efforts to resist the tyranny of Texas by resorting to numerous rouses to defend their children and husbands from the axis of State, Catholic and Evangelicals, who raided their houses.

One such wife is about to forfeit her children because of the insane act of not cooperating with the Texas Nazis. "Texas child welfare authorities have asked a judge to order a 17-year-old mother from a polygamist sect to submit to a psychological evaluation after she showed up to an appointment with Child Protective Services claiming someone else's child was hers."

Her reasons were simple. She "previously refused to disclose the whereabouts of her infant born in June 2008," and instead, "produced a baby purported to be her biological child for an appointment with the agency." They were of course investigating her crime of being married when she had a baby!

The Texas Nazis will not rest until the biblical teachings about polygamy are exterminated, and the Nazis admitted that they are "concerned that the girl is 'being improperly influenced,' by the bible.

If the fake Christians of Texas cooperate with the Nazis as they did in WW II, then the concern by LEO's about a summer rage is more correctly described as self preservation. The reason is that kidnapping is a capital crime under the bible that these women lived by.

There is no law against polygamy. There is a law against kidnapping however, and the penalty is death.

The Nazis are now accusing Neo-Nazis of planning their overthrow. "An MI5 officer said: 'Speaker after speaker said the G8 summit should be used to exploit the deepening economic crisis… One speaker said this was a good opportunity to found a Fourth Reich.'"

The 4th Reich already exists and is engaged in eugenics in Texas. The silence of the churches and synagogues is identical to that of the 1930's. If the Texas Nazis succeed without punishment, there will be no child safe in America.