Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jews Join Christians in Moral Confusion

Mar 19, 2009 12:57

Jews Join Christians in Moral Confusion

Listening to Rabbi Tovia Singer explain why the Hebrew words used to describe god is always singular is like listening to the pastors explain how all gods are really one regardless of the name given by a "peoples group". What passes for Jewish and Christian scholarship is a fraud that only the pastors make well founded jokes about.

The deep mystery of the god of Israel is that the word Elohim is plural, and so is the adjective that frequently follows. From the rabbis we get the insecure repetition of Adoni echad and from the pastors we get the dissonance of a trinity combined with, there is numerically only one god.

The Jews recite Michamocha without ever thinking about the words, and Christians apply federal book keeping standards to the trinity.

If the two groups were not more intent on abusing one another than rebuilding the House of God, the mystery would have been solved long ago. But this is a blood feud and neither the pastors nor the rabbis are helping to bring the hoards to Jerusalem. Indeed the fake Christians regard the holy temple as a curse to be avoided, and the Helenist Jews regard any Hebrew text pointing to Moschiach as being god, as a foreign religious doctrine. They do this while both accept the silly idea that all of the more mysterious bible text is mere metaphor. There is not enough difference between the pastors and rabbis to care what they think about any subject.

Instead of welcoming the goim to celebrate the appointed feasts, Singer incites the corporate types to remove the Hagadah because he is insecure about Yahveh, the Rucha Ha Kodesh, and Ha Moschiach. It’s confusing only if you have an axe to grind. The pastors are world renown for shallow stupidity and nothing more need be added.

It is cowardly for the rabbis and pastors to attack each other while tolerating "government" and being totally ineffective at stopping the abortionists and homosexuals--because the fags will beat the holy crap out of them-- and “a brother" wouldn't do such a thing.

The absurd idea that missionaries are more dangerous than Tanzim militia can only be explained by a desire to commit suicide rather than to admit that somebody else is a more pleasant Jew than you. So they turn away the converts and give the dogs the land while complaining that somebody else is not kosher.

There will be hoards making allyah to the rebuilt Temple one day, but the pastors and rabbis may not have anything to do with it.