Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Failure of Diplomacy within America

Mar 24, 2009 07:19

The Failure of Diplomacy within America

The strategy that Washington should have pursued in dealing with the states, and unconstitutionally the citizens, was not to prepare for war with its own people. The states and the citizens needed to be a center and source of order but what the fed did was to extend the civil war another 100 years.

William Lind wrote in, On War #297: Tactics Over Strategy Again?, about why the state will die. The US is addicted to tactics and is losing its legitimacy as a result. To preserve itself the feds needed the states and the citizens as allies and not opponents. "America’s strategic interests dictate that we avoid, rather than prepare for, a war" with the states and citizens.

If the states lost such a war, as they did in the civil war, then internal unity would be lost. The collapse of the present union took time but is occurring. America "could end up a vast, bubbling cauldron of Fourth Generation war. Few outcomes would be worse, from the standpoint of all states."

The White House needed to tell the U.S. DHS to swallow the tactical disadvantages and avoid missions and operations we know will antagonize its own people. "That is what sound strategy requires. Anything else elevates tactics over strategy, an elementary blunder that almost always brings unfortunate results."

The fed needed to recognize the legitimate sovereignty of the states but chose civil war followed by the 100 years cold war of dominating the states. "States should avoid conflicts with other states, because the winner will most likely be the non-state forces of the Fourth Generation. Rather, states should seek an alliance of all states against non-state elements."

The fed was never designed to be a global power and the deficiency was overlooked as long as they could pretend to be rich. Rich on loans? Now they are engaged in the final act of tearing themselves apart.

After the MIAC report was leaked, which was nothing more than a revision of the Project Megiddo Report of 10 years earlier, it became obvious that the fed is preparing state LEO and military for another civil war.

One reluctant officer is preparing to testify that FEMA meetings are emphasizing late summer as the time when they will take to the streets. "A Police Officer who attended FEMA meetings at his local police department, was made thoroughly aware of Federal plans to be implemented in the USA at the end of August or early September. He has revealed those plans to me and they are terrifying.

Get accustomed to the words "federalized" "voucher" "check points" and "dissident" because you're going to start hearing them a lot."

These are no different than the reports we have heard before with the exception being the time frame.

What makes the charge more interesting is that there is a possible cause identified. The Chinese seconded the Russian proposal to replace the dollar as the world reserve currency on Monday, March 23, 2009. Should that occur, the dollar value will collapse, resulting in a banking collapse, and shutting off most none-cash commerce including gas and groceries.

Under those circumstances, the words, "federalized", "vouchers", and "check points" have the same context as life during World War II using script. Having cash will not be enough to buy, and travel will be restricted.

It is interesting that webbots are predicting similar outcomes in the same time frame.