Monday, March 30, 2009

Bankers Created the Mid East Conflict, Now Get their Reward

Mar 30, 2009 07:33

Bankers Created the Mid East Conflict, Now Get their Reward

The bankers and intelligence agencies have been working together for their expressed purpose of destroying Israel since before Israel was regathered, almost 100 years. Their primary weapons were money, oil, and incitement of war. The US banksters got involved latter in what originally started as a UK intelligence scam to enrich Saud as part of their scheme.

In the 1930s James Forrestal was head of the New York investment bank Dillon, Read. He was an ally of the Dulles brothers and a member of the Wall Street financial mafia. In 1936 Forrestal merged Socal and Texaco, forming Caltex the parent company of Aramco. The oil corporations became the base of operations and source of support used by the intelligence agencies.

Even the Nazis were part of the banksters operations until they lost the war. "Another Wall Street firm that specialized in US-German trade was Brown Brothers, Harriman, a private investment bank dominated by W. Averell Harriman."

None of today’s Two State Solution rhetoric would be possible without the Cambridge spies in the UK and the fiat money bankers in the US. It is the banks that stand to gain the entire world by the illusion of banks going bust. They never had any meaningful assets but stood to gain from the forfeiture of the entire world.

The secret war against the Jews, By John Loftus, Mark Aarons: Page 63, Page 591