Monday, March 9, 2009

The Conservatives Bribe the Bureaucracy?

Mar 09, 2009 09:04

The Conservatives Bribe the Bureaucracy?

The District of Columbia is just that, a territory with no role in the now defunct federal union. It was intended to be a bedroom community for representatives and not a state.

The Conservative Loyalists are busy preparing for the onset of the same American Revolution that their ancestors incited back in 1776. There are "11 out-of-touch republicans in Congress who want to let people who live in the District of Columbia pay no federal income tax!" Not bad if they respected the constitution, that says no direct taxes shall be levied, but this is bribe the employees’ time.

H.R.1014, section 2, line 12, said "the residents of the District of Columbia should be exempt from paying United States Federal income taxes."

The main beneficiaries are lobbyist and the Georgetown types while the pew sitters who take the Metro from the suburbs will get nothing, and they will riot if they don’t get a share of the booty. It is still likely that DC will resemble Mogadishu after the Blue Mountain boys finish the work of the British, and burn the federal buildings to the ground.