Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tornado Assault on New Target Area

Tornadoes, Hail Just the Beginning

The system that has battered the Plains in recent days will continue the assault through Saturday night as tornadoes and large hail take their aim at a new target area. There were over 60 reports of tornadoes Friday into Saturday morning.

Tornado watches are currently in effect across parts of Oklahoma and South Dakota. The Severe Weather Center reports that these storms will be capable of tornadoes, large hail, flooding rain and damaging wind gusts. Additional severe storms are expected to erupt across Kansas and Nebraska. Tornadoes have already been reported on the ground in Oklahoma Saturday.

Anyone in this region should stay tuned to local broadcasts, have an emergency plan in place for seeking shelter and be aware of any watches and warnings in effect.

This has already been the deadliest tornado season in a decade with one hundred deaths attributed to the storms.