Sunday, May 25, 2008

Texas Nazis Complain they were Mislead by FLDS Kibbutzim

May 25, 2008 14:20

The Texas Nazis and the Mega-Church collaborators are complaining that the Eldorado kibbutzim realized their mistake in surrendering to them and began using stratagems and ruses to limit their loses.

The CPS Nazis said about FLDS women that they were, "against a culture of secrecy, unlimited resources and sect members well-schooled in the art of misleading authorities." The women were well versed in the battles of Torah and applied those lessons to their CPS enemy. Now CPS is appealing to the Evangelical's besetting sin of greed, and claim that the FLDS were rich and presumably should be charged under RICO by not being stupid.

An additional expression of evil is that Texas denied all their constitutional rights, including non-incrimination. Only a Baptist pacifist would rat on his brethren when the SS interrogators ask him to tell the truth in the Lord and reveal the information they require, because a Real Christian does not lie. May their names be obliterated from the book of life who do such things.

The heart of the conflict is this statement: "These are people who have been taught from the cradle that outsiders are bad, that government is evil, until they fear us more than they fear their abusers," said Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff." Blessed be these mothers who are like Deborah, who commanded the troops to fight their enemy when none of the "men" would do so. Funny how these oppressed, raped and abused women are not fleeing, don't you think pastors?

The FLDS men still don't get however and are apologizing to Nazis of all things: "Leaders of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints vehemently deny misleading state officials. Lying is not part of their culture." No, lying is part of the cult called "Government." Wise are the women who trust in the terrorist, Moshiach Ben David.

The women still need military help because the Nazis have endless money, followers, and time. The men are still trusting in government integrity.

The women are desperately trying to confuse the enemy, and CPS said, "Girls routinely switched their names and identified themselves as mothers of other women's children. Some didn't even come forward to claim their own kin." The Nazis said to a judge, "Based on both the children's and women's repeated deceptions, lies, and misinformation, the trial court had no reliable evidence"

The RICO connection is obviously on their mind because one of The Raiders of the Lost Sect, Sam Brower said, "It's like dealing with the mob, only worse, part of their culture is to create confusion." An excellent idea for the so-called conservatives complaining about excessive government. Stop participating and making the job easy. Withdraw.

The FLDS live the life of constitutional liberty unlike the fake Evangelicals who only talk about it. Their method of battle is not prayer-only, but "Religious leaders also make investigators' work harder by shuttling people across state lines."

Brower said. "People of interest simply 'disappear' -- making something as simple as serving a subpoena incredibly costly. When investigators get too close, Mr. Brower said, sect leaders order entire families to turn in their photo albums, birth certificates and other records to be hidden or destroyed."

The Raiders explain the stratagems and ruses of war as part of a culture of lies only by their definition of marriage and polygamy relative to themselves. That when daddy is at another wife's house, that the women have stories for the little children to explain the inevitable question. Since that testimony is from a woman who abandoned her husband, it cannot be considered as common. Overall the women and children are fighting the spiritual war against evil far better than Joel Olstein's gang of praying cheerleaders.

The CPS understands the spiritual importance far better than the semi-literate pastors, "Texas officials have portrayed their case as simply too urgent. The sect's pervasive belief in marrying off underage girls put every child there in imminent danger, they argued. A trial judge agreed, but the appellate court did not."

That is partially correct: A separatist people have risen and the regime cannot endure for the perverse reason that Hashem said, "Do not profane your daughter by making her a harlot, so that the land will not fall," and that the regime will fall if they do not end the trend of young girls seeking a husband that can support her. Why?

The ones who profane their daughters are the Evangelicals who teach them to not marry till the money is right, and let them party with their stupid sons who have no intention of supporting them. The roles between FLDS and evangelicals are reversed: the rabbi of the churches said it was better to marry than burn in lust, but they say no--wait. The result is the defilement of their daughters by the culture. The result of the defilement is that tyranny prevails because hard biblical law is being compromised by their compromised fathers, and their political institution has become evil. A FLDS girl gets a husband at 15 and is ecstatic, but the old biddies say, arrest him.

The women are as guilty as the men: Hannah Montana is slutty but campy, so she is ok. When they see a town where the girls say "yes" and are quite happy, they report them and send in their hired murderers, thieves, and liars to kidnap them. If kidnapping is a capitol offense in Torah (it is) then the pastors are complicit in the felony and the Torah also proscribes the same punishment for them. Looking askance in this matter is not permissible in Torah. Is FLDS America's Waterloo? We shall see.