Monday, June 28, 2010

Turkish airspace closed to Israel

Northern Europe is experiencing an outbreak of electric-blue noctilucent clouds

Lindsey Williams on The Gulf Oil Gusher and Toxic Gases Catastrophe
Criteria for Decision to Move if Possible from affected Gulf Coast Areas: 1) Presence of Military increasing Daily. 2) Massive Reports of Respiratory and other Illnesses--Hospitals filling up rapidly. 3) Hurricanes with sustained winds moving into gulf. 4) Credit Cards being Cancelled regionally. 5) Regional and or National Internet Outages. 6) Highway Barriers going up on Freeway Entry and Exit Ramps overnight. 7) Military Transport Planes Landing in Numbers at Regional and smaller Gulf Coast Airports. 8) Watching the Body Language and actions of the Local Law Enforcement Officers. 9) Bubbling ocean waters increasing as the Methane Hydrate goes from solid state to gaseous state. 10) Massive increase in Lightning Storms and unusual Animal Behavior. 11) Suspension of all Leaves and Vacations of Emergency Personnel. 12) Expanding no Boating and Fishing Zone. 13) Shortages of Fuel and Food and availability of critical supplies increasingly being reported.

Half Past Human March 2010 Predictions Of Oil Disaster
Detailed Analysis Of - And Predictions For - The Oil Catastrophe
Webbots - all 8 segments
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part 8

Evacuation plan for govt employees confirmed by GRU
A sobering report circulating in the Kremlin today from President Medvedev’s meeting with other World leaders at the G8 summit in Muskoka, Ontario states that President Obama has warned his counterparts that the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster “will most likely kill millions, perhaps tens of millions” of people during the coming year.

News Blackout Planned During Evac
Obama Can 'Shut Down Internet For 4 Months'...
'Online security strategy'...