Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6.0M in San Diego
UN To Assist Gaza Flotilla Aid
Aerial Photos Show Hamas Building Bunkers in Gaza
US: Israeli Flotilla Inquiry an Important Step Forward
Gaza Plan: Hamas, PA, EU to Circumvent Israel on Seaport
EU: PA Uses EU Logo on TV Program Showing Haifa Part of ‘Palestine’
EU: Spain sees credit squeeze, denies EU rescue bid...
EU: Greece rejects MOODY'S 'junk' status rating...

EU Chief lays out 'apocalpytic' vision as some countries run out of money...
EU: Warns 'democracy could disappear' in Greece, Spain and Portugal...

Oil Disaster Will Be End of Life As We Know It

911 Version 2.0
U.S. Refused Help on Oil Spill
'PEAK OIL' PLUNDER: Crackdown will hike energy prices...

Gun owners arrested for making a wrong turn, close AFB!

Strange collection,,, I see unloaded M16/AR15 30 round magazines, the rifle is a M14 and the loaded magazines are for the M14. M16's in another car?

Also a magazine for a glock. The white carton looks like a baby wipe container...The binoculars????? This looks like it could be a case of drunk, scared, had been or going to the firing range/camping trip.

M14's are about $1200 per rifle. A Remington deer rifle would be as effective and much cheaper on a suicide mission.

If I as going to attack a military base,,,why bring all the cloths??? I think someone was paranoid knowing about the guns/ammo, and freaked. Time will tell.
Ottawans can expect CH-146 Griffon and CH-124 Sea King helicopters, CP-140 Aurora patrol aircraft, and CF-18 Hornet fighter aircraft buzzing around this month. “Due to the nature of security operations


mars: upper 1/3rd of pic, left wall; 7 uprights too fuzzy to ID.
Dark hole appears to have someone looking out.