Friday, June 11, 2010

Obama Administration to Back UN Investigation of Israel Next Week...
Gulf of Mexico spill 'releasing twice as much oil as thought'
Much more oil flowed from well...
Alex Jones, Lindsey Williams - 2010-Jun-10, Thursday
C.I.A. Columbia Obama Sedition And Treason Trial: June Update

“Currently, our Soldiers and Airmen are staging for and are engaged in the planning of the effort to evacuate and provide security and clean up for the coastal communities expected to be impacted by the oil spill”

Lindsey Williams on The Oil Spill Catastrophe - Alex Jones Show 10 June 2010

Military Movements
  1. Report #1 - 15:00 PST today at the 32nd St. base in San Diego, CA.
  2. Report #2 - Two Chinooks “Black” over Toledo Ohio.
  3. Report #3 - New York, upstate “Fully Armed” Blackhawk flying very fast 500′
  4. ABCNEWS Reporter Hassled For Filming on Gulf Beach...

Date: 06-10-10 Thursday: Steve Quayle Standard Player Save

Russian DHS begins Pre-Crime; Summon people 'close to committing crime'...


Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Georgia

FAA is closing down the Gulf of Mexico to 'unauthorized' aircraft

US evacuated Judea/Samaria
The secret war against the settlers
Obama Calls for New Israeli-Palestinian Talks; Says Gaza Conditions Are 'Inherently Unstable'
Gaza was first
Israeli troops trained for Gaza occupation
Israeli troops enter Gaza
Olmert: We must evacuate Jews

USCG in San Diego

1. A solar wind stream flowing from the indicated coronal hole is expected to hit Earth on or about June 16th. Credit: SDO/AIA

2. Comet McNaught (C/2009 R1) is gliding through the inner solar system, due to approach our planet only 100 million miles away on June 15th and 16th.

June 16th is Wednesday, perhaps your earthquake may occur as predicted?