Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mitchell: US envoy meets Barak, Netanyahu, wants direct talks...
Mitchell To Meet Barak Thursday
Hamas using US money to Buy Up Jerusalem...

Detail des schwarzen Rauchers 'Kandalabra'
2004 oil volcano

gas  hydrate sample with sediment
no natural gas shortage!

lindsey williams on gulf of mexico oil catastrophe (June 14, 2010)
6-10-2010 Lindsey Williams On Alex Jones Show New Exclusive Info On BP Oil Spill

Republican Calls Obama-BP Claim Fund '$20 Billion Shakedown'...
UK Cameron confronts Obama in street battle to protect BP...

Egypt & Jordan Get Tough with Agreeable White House

Clif High comment on 'oil volcano' to Mel of Veritas Radio

May 2010 — In this short comment, read by Mel, Clif says that future missteps on the part of BP and the US government in dealing with the oil volcano in the Gulf of Mexico will be the likely trigger of the US diaspora (predicted in several of the recent web bot reports). The US southeast is the likely epicenter of the exodus. A very high global death toll may also be in part associated with the effects of the oil volcano.

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A prophecy regarding a US city
A mighty wind will descend from the sky.
The clouds will dissolve before their eyes....

Burning clouds shall cover the face of the land.
They shall gasp as they behold the darkness; overshadowed with blackened smoke.

The dead shall be sifted from the living.
The breadth of destruction shall be mighty and wide.
The great city shall melt like burning pitch and give birth to many fires.

Web Bots Predictions - Summary - The Shape of Things to Come, Vol. 0, Issue 5

25 May 2010

Web Bot Accuracy Reaffirmed In our summary of the Mar 2010 Web Bot report, we noted that many of the big-ticket predictions from the previous (2009) reports and alerts had failed to materialize in any significant manner. Though the Web Bots' predictions of trends were pretty good, specific major predictions tied to specific dates had failed to manifest. Well, some big-ticket predictions are now coming to pass. Most notably, the "oil volcano" in the Gulf of Mexico fulfills the language for upheaval of the ocean floor and ocean death (yes, the situation is that serious).

The bungling by BP and the US government is well on the way to fulfilling the prediction that the government would come to be seen as inept, completely incapable of responding effectively in an emergency. The oil leak and the response have reaffirmed the core accuracy of Clif's work. It is still fair to say that dated predictions by Clif or anyone else should be taken with a grain of salt. (Even Clif says this!) It's better to focus on major predicted trends and assume there is a lot of play in the dates.

That said, given the apocalyptic nature of the scenarios in this new Web Bot report, everyone should be proceeding now at full speed to create a resilient household (and, in some cases, perhaps, to relocate). May 2010 Report -- Synopsis To be fair to Clif and his work, we will provide only a brief summary of some of the top points from the latest report—The Shape of Things to Come, v5. We STRONGLY urge you to read the original report for yourself. It is available for a mere $10 on the HalfPastHuman site. Some of the Web Bot predictions include:

* The "oil volcano" in the Gulf of Mexico will continue to worsen, likely becoming the worst environmental disaster in recorded history. A bad hurricane season in the Gulf may add to the scale and nature of the disaster by further spreading the oil pollution in the seas and contaminating the region's air and land (including areas inland). Harvests from the Gulf and regional farms will be seriously affected. The pollution and the possibility that the US government will eventually use a "nuclear option" to close the leak may lead to a massive diaspora from the surrounding areas.

* The need for blame-shifting will cause a rift between US minion politicians and their masters, The Powers That Be. This will prove problematic for both classes. Anger at the oil volcano and the ineptitude of the response will eventually feed the trend towards revolution in the US.

* July through September will see extreme worsening of financial conditions as the "death of currencies" process accelerates. This will negatively impact food supplies, civil order, unemployment, and more.

At some point there will be hyperinflation in food, energy, and precious metals, but within a broader severe deflationary trend in just about everything else. At the end of the report, Clif presents a number of scenarios, each of which could fit the data. Each is civilization-changing. Here is an example so you get the idea: By August, the oil volcano has gotten so bad, the nuclear option is put on the table. Having seen the horrors unleashed by the oil volcano itself and now fearing further disaster when the nukes are set off, massive numbers of people in the US Gulf states flee, as do people in Mexico and other surrounding non-US areas. This diaspora, plus crushing economic effects from the collapsing currency systems, cause a level of social suffering that is currently unimaginable.

The nuclear bombs are finally set off in November but fail to close the leak. However, they do set off massive earthquakes, including a devastating one related to the New Madrid fault in the central US. The masses have finally had enough, and the War Between the Populace and TPTB commences.

As Clif frames his scenarios, other postulated events could be added or swapped in by Universe; or, Clif says, there could be new, currently unforeseen events that drive the real scenario.

The bottom line is that major doo-doo is coming. Finally, a few months into 2012, civilization will have largely navigated to a transformed state in terms of our heads and hearts and wallets. But the events of the preceding two years will have left more than a billion dead.

Clif High and George Ure on Coast to Coast, 01-Apr-2010


mars: Nephilim worms

mars: top left side wall, dragon corpse

mars: Nephilim worm at left end of upper track,
came from hole to the left of the left-most crater.
Field of shallow graves