Friday, June 18, 2010

house wrecking in Minn.

Israel To Demolish 22 Homes in Jerusalem...
Tornado destroys houses in Minn.
4:30 as the storm hit Emerado
5:15 Wadena
7p.m Kiester, Albert Lea
Ellendale/Clarks Grove area around 7:40
"It's devastating.... I've never seen this before,... all of a sudden the sky went pitch black and it started down-pouring and hailing. "

In Streator, the tornado destroyed 30 homes

Alert Issued for 17 Afghan Military Members AWOL From U.S. Air Force Base...
In late January, Senators were warned that Al Qaeda is determined to stage an attack on U.S. soil by July 2010

raising the sea floor 10 feet
newly discovered triple junction at the south end of the New Madrid fault
A real puzzle about Noctilucent clouds is that they seem to have only started being formed and observed after the Krakatoa volcanic explosion

Date: 06-17-10 Host: Hawk

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The forecasted thundery development or storm formation dates are:-

Around 3-4 June for thundery developments (unlikley to develop to Tropical Storm).
Around 12-14 June - significant storm formation.
Around 21-23 June - significant storm formation.
Around 26-28 June - significant storm formation.
For further details of likely formation areas and storm tracks, including for an East Pacific storm, please see: & click on Extreme Events Rest of World.


Joint Observation of the Isidis Basin with the Rosetta Mission
mars: sand burrows and baby worms

Burrows cause problems for the Flood