Monday, May 3, 2010

Talks to Resume Wednesday
Mitchell Back in Israel Again

Southern Storms Kill at Least 11
2 More Tornadoes in Central Ark.
UPDATE: Boston Water Main Break Leaves Two Million Without Safe Supply...
Obama has ordered military SWAT teams to protect other oil rigs
SWAT Team Response To Oil Spill Is Government Takeover Plot
3 more states want federal Guard mobilization...
Gulf Oil Rig Fiasco: It’s About Scarcity and World Government
Police Troops in Shavei Shomron to Destroy Trailer Park
DHS – Conservatives And Veterans “Enemy Number One”
Judge Rules Hutaree Milita Can Be Released Until Trial
Downtown Lebanon under 2 Feet of Water – Flooded Tracks Strand 550

Dr. Dennis Cuddy - Secret Nazi Plan
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Alex Jones: Sets Record Straight and Reaches Out to Military – video

Sabotage or War
[A] report circulating in the Kremlin today written by Russia’s Northern Fleet is reporting that the United States has ordered a complete media blackout over North Korea’s torpedoing of the giant Deepwater Horizon oil platform owned by the World’s largest offshore drilling contractor Transocean that was built and financed by South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.

the North Korean “cargo vessel” Dai Hong Dan believed to be staffed by 17th Sniper Corps “suicide” troops left Cuba’s Empresa Terminales Mambisas de La Habana (Port of Havana) on April 18th whereupon it “severely deviated” from its intended course for Venezuela’s Puerto Cabello bringing it to within 209 kilometers (130 miles) of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform which was located 80 kilometers (50 miles) off the coast of the US State of Louisiana where it launched an SSC Sang-o Class Mini Submarine (Yugo class) estimated to have an operational range of 321 kilometers (200 miles).

On the night of April 20th the North Korean Mini Submarine manned by these “suicidal” 17th Sniper Corps soldiers attacked the Deepwater Horizon with what are believed to be 2 incendiary torpedoes... this North Korean Mini Submarine committed its final atrocity by exploding itself directly beneath the Deepwater Horizon.