Friday, May 21, 2010

Feds regard states asserting rights as a security threat...
Mexican Military Helo Sighted Over Roma Bridge, Texas
Combat Operations in the Border Zone
US Would Enter Lebanon if Iran Got Nukes
Mexican President Wants to Disarm Americans
Gas Leak 3000 Times Worse Than Oil Volcano
Plans in Place to Evacuate the Gulf Population
Steve Note: Have had multiple confirmations from law enforcement officers that plans plans are in motion to prepare for the evacuation 10's of millions from Gulf and East Coasts
Live video of BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

End of the "Peak Oil" Scam
the valley of Siddim was full of tar pits;
and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled,
and they fell into them [too!] Genesis 14:10
Pentagon, Police Stage Terror Attack Exercise in Long Beach
Threats to Arrest Journalists for Covering Oil Polluted Shoreline in Louisiana
Oklahoma Bombing Witness Denied Access to Attorneys Fears for Life
The US/Mexican Civil War Against Arizona
Obama Sides with Mexico Against AZ
LA Mayor, Council 'Called Out' over AZ Boycott Threat
AZ's Immigration Bill: You Can Read What Napolitano, Holder Haven't
AZ Threat To Cut Off LA Power As Boycott Payback!
Arizona Dares L.A. to Carry Out Boycott
Breakup of U.S. Is Inevitable: People all over America are discussing freedom’s future. In short, they are worried. In fact, many are actually talking about State secession. In coffee shops and cafes, and around dining room tables, millions of people are speaking favorably of states breaking away from the union. Not since the turn of the twentieth century have this many people thought (and spoken) this favorably about the prospect of a State (or group of states) exiting the union. In my mind, this is a good thing. Even many of those who oppose the prospect of secession understand the increasing tyrannical nature of the current central government in Washington, D.C., and that something must be done about it. more

Obama wants to keep us on the govt plantation
Oklahoma City Attacked By Freak Spring Storm
Mortgage Delinquencies, Foreclosures Break Records
Kid being molested by a government school teacher.
Todays lecture: 'WE all be apes and oil be commin from dem dinosaurs and making da globe warm like it be when dey be roamin da globe and stuff.' And if you be deny'n it-- dey be some DHS payin you a visit along wit da CPS. It be racism. Intelligent peoples dont be believing dat Genesis shit unless it be approved by da FCC.


moon: burned crash site with debris -------------- more debris field