Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jerusalem Homes to be Demolished in Coming Days
Obama Calls Abbas, Sets Ground Rules
Obama threatens to Hold Israel 'Accountable' if Jerusalem not Surrendered...
US Enforcing Construction Freeze in Jerusalem
US Exposure to EU Bailout: $50 Billion and Counting...
Space War Over Wisconsin
“It looked like a firework -- bright blue with a fiery tail -- and disappeared quickly, appearing like it fell nearby”
Steve Quayle warns about a False Flag Attack before July 2010
4 dead in Canada: Sinkhole opens under house and starts landslide above it

Oil Rig Disaster: Steve, I was at my doctors office today. I asked him if he had heard anything about the oil rig. He said as a matter of fact he had. Just yesterday one of his patients (who works for Chevron) said about two weeks ago top executives from all of oil drilling companies were called up to Washington for a closed door meeting with the presidential staff. They all came back with orders to keep their mouths shut about the disaster. You have to understand, they said they hit a methane pocket, that caused the explosion. Of course this is hard to do when the drilling is complete and there was no drilling going on. All the drilling data and rig reports are being removed from everywhere. It was confirmed to him by the Chevron engineer that it was a North Korean sub attack on the rig that caused this disaster. The White House has ordered this whole event to be covered up. — Mike

Damon B. Bankston

Multiple pre-explosion explosions
Witnesses state that the lights flickered on the Deepwater Horizon. Then a massive thud shook the vessel, followed by another strong vibration. Transocean employee Jim Ingram, a seasoned
offshore worker, told the U.K. Times that he was preparing for bed after working a 12-hour shift. "On the second [thud]," said Mr. Ingram, "we knew something was wrong."

2 explosions

Damaged blowout preventer
the fail-safe mechanism known as the blowout preventer, a massive stack of valves and pistons that is the most critical hardware in the system, failed to choke the well.

Blowout preventer failed manual override also
The device also has a “dead man’s” switch that should have worked when the well erupted even if there was no manual signal from above

Witness reports at Deepwater Horizon show damaged underwater controls

Shortly after 5 p.m. that afternoon, the rig unexpectedly stopped pumping drilling mud out of BP's Macondo well to the vessel Damon B. Bankston, parked alongside the rig. This was one of the last steps the rig was taking to secure the well and temporarily abandon it so BP could come back later to extract oil from it.

Hours passed before the rig gave word it would resume the mud transfer, but it never happened. Instead, sometime after 9 p.m., drilling fluid began shooting out of the well, coating his vessel like “black rain,” said Alwin Landry, captain of the Damon B. Bankston.

Then came a loud hiss, what he called a “green flash”... Landry noticed the mud raining down on his ship and gushing from the top of the rig's derrick.

“I asked them what was going on. I'm getting mud on me,” Landry testified.

“I heard the concern in the voice of the operator when he said he was having trouble with the well,” said Landry, who said he was then told to detach his hose and move a safe distance from the rig.

Then came the sound of a high-pressure escape of gas and the explosion, noted in the vessel's log at 9:53 p.m., Landry said.

Birds dropped from the air... From his position on the boat, Erickson saw something even stranger: first, birds that had been circling the boat fell from the sky. Then, a white liquid seemed to boil out of the rig, and collect near its derrick.... after that, I saw a flash of fire on top of the liquid.

Survivors "detained"...

Immediately after the explosion...

Witness testimony just before the explosion

The hall reeked of gasoline. The lights flickered. Popping sounds echoed from overhead. All of a sudden, the door to the tool room seemed to be breathing, as though someone were pushing on it from the other side.

What happened next would be the last thing Wheeler remembered: The door blew off its hinges and barreled toward him, even before he heard an explosion.

Russian GRU investigate the US-Nephilim Space Program
A most intriguing report prepared by the Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff (GRU) on the killing of one of their “operatives” posted at a United States space weapon laboratory states that the death of Doctor-Scientist Maria Beloyvan last week was “directly attributed” to knowledge she had gained about the Americans “inter-dimensional space communication” programme and the potential dangers it holds for our Earth.

Prior to her being killed she had cell phoned her intelligence “contact” at the Russian Consulate in New York from Fermilab stating that she had gained the “information requested” relating to the Americans “inter-dimensional space communication”

Dennis L. Cuddy

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Mars debris field