Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10,000 Apartments to be available for Jews in Harish
The Military To Demolish Homes In Northern West Bank
N Korea Severing all ties with South; bracing for war...
NKorea accuses South of trespassing, threatens military action...
Congress preparing to raise price of oil, of which there is no shortage!...

Martial Law & The U.S. Post Office Secret Room: As the "Hour of Martial Law" is nearly upon us, this chapter answers important questions for dealing with martial law: Is there a Secret Room in the government post offices? What role do the Freemasons undertake in the U. S. Post Office. Is the Post Office a tool of the globalists for destroying nationalism What are the martial law plans for your post office? more

maybe this was accidental, or maybe this was infighting between factions... remember all those high level executives who just happened to be having some kind of meeting when the "accident" happened? what kind of board meeting takes place out on a platform 40 miles off the coast? what about the destroyed helipad clearly visible as the rig tipped & sank? no damage surrounding the pad, just exactly where they chopper would have been. just who was out there and why?

Saturday Afternoon Eruption
5000-foot rise to the surface
1:30 start of volcanic eruption, ground shaking, starts major oil eruption
oil plume size increased
2:00 entire area filled with oil cloud
8:20 ROV evacuates

UPDATE 11:51pmCDT: Another major eruption. These are not coming from the riser.


2P172348340ESFABAKP2574R6M1 One Paint.jpg
Mars: bone fragments

mars: herds after heavy tampering

http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/browse/PIA13154.jpgNASA's 2001 Mars Odyssey captured this image of a channel entering  Eberswalde Crater and depositing a fan-shaped delta on the crater  floor.