Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Obama Calls Netanyahu
US attempts to disarm Israel of nuclear weapons...
Jerusalem Freezes Holyland Construction for 100 Days
TERRORISTS: mentally deranged person or someone with political agenda!...

Russian contact's latest warning
Email from the source from the Moscow meetings speaks on Martial Law and the coming Military Dictatorship

[Name withheld],

We are quickly arriving at a dark time in American history, one in which everything we know is about to change.

I am warning everyone who reads this, this new unit's only function will be to suppress the American people, this unit is as I write this is being trained in crowd control and urban warfare. You can be assured that you will see roadblocks, checkpoints, mass arrests and the FEMA/Military Prison system go into full swing.

Units are being trained in house to house search and seizure tactics just as they did in Iraq where these tactics were refined. Every attempt will be made to totally suppress and control the public at large, major choke points have already been identified and cataloged. Food distribution and major medical centers will be seized, transportation and fuel will be strictly rationed and controlled. Think total police state/military dictatorship control and you will have some idea just how bad this is going to get.

Please this is NO tin foil hat conspiracy this is the real deal and you had better get ready for one hell of a ride into a total police state/military dictatorship. It will not take long for you to know the balloon has gone up on the operation, there will be little media coverage but rumors will abound of military movements, convoys and "temporary" encampments. This will be your ONLY warning, watch for it, do not for any reason make yourself a target by joining and established group or even a protest. All of the existing militia and patriot groups have been infiltrated so you will be identified and targeted if you attempt to join one. Your best bet is to form up with a few close like minded long time friends and family would be best, trust NO one, many within the clergy have been bought off and they will sell you out.

People a war is coming, think the unthinkable, war game what you will do and how you will do it and make your final preparations because time is short.

One last item, if you remember those rail cars loaded with uparmored HUMVEE's, Strikers and supplies I spoke about after my trip to Moscow? Well I have a bit of news for you, they are on the move and have been under the cover of the recent snow storms and sever weather moving across the country. We are talking about enough equipment to completely outfit a force of 200,000 men (does that number sound familiar?) for 6 months.

I have reliable Intel that a number if high level serving officers will be quietly retiring in the coming months, in reality this is a purge of officers that might not tow the party line. They are being given to opportunity to leave before they are imprisoned with cash buy-outs to offshore accounts and a number of these officers are retiring offshore as well.

Damn I really hate being right about this but you HAVE been warned, get ready people.

Russian Defense Ministry reports circulating in the Kremlin this evening are warning that that the United States has ordered 3 of its aircraft carrier battle groups belonging to its Northern Pacific Third Fleet Naval forces to “COCKED PISTOL” alert status over growing war fears originating on the Korean Peninsula.