Thursday, April 1, 2010

Obama Incited Violence targeting Jews aimed at pressuring Israel into splitting capital
PA officials in US for military consultation - Ynet
Petraeus to Obama: Expand our area of military responsibility
US Mil. Analyst: Obama is the First Anti-Israeli President
Air Force Scrambled in Response to 'Foreign Warplanes'

Moon: debris field located over collapsed building

Series of craters. In Maryland, they are called Maryland basins. 500,000 of them are present in the classic area of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, often in groups with each bay invariably aligned in a northwest-southeast direction
Carolina bays, Vernal Pools and Ephemeral Pools

The proposed model with shock waves from cometary fragments exploding above the surface creating a series of similar landforms is conceptually very simple, and is far less complex than most of the terrestrial models postulated recently. For geometrically regular forms such as Carolina Bays we prefer a simple causal mechanism if it is feasible.

Examination of impact mechanics and Carolina Bay morphometry eliminates traditional impact phenomena resulting from meteoroid swarms or asteroids. However, the unique orbital and physical characteristics of a comet favor a model in which a high velocity retrograde comet or a low velocity prograde comet collided with the Earth. The incoming nucleus approached from the northwest and fragmented. The fragments, diverging from the main trajectory, volatized and subsequently exploded in the atmosphere near the surface. The resultant shock waves created shallow elliptical depressions which are best displayed in the sandy sediments of the Coastal Plain.

Virginia bolide crater was created during the Great Flood, and covered by sediment as the flood progressed

broken and unbroken sediment rock ---------------- compare moon to Virginia bolide crater