Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mars Has Life and Strange Structures

The European Space Agency has leaked evidence clearly showing civilization on planet Mars. This video will show you the evidence; you can download it and judge for yourself.

These lines, geometric structures, on the floor of Hale Crater are strong indications of intelligent life on Mars. Someone occupies this planet. Thanks to European Space Agency

Dr. Buchli writes, “The top one measures over 1800 feet located at 40 27'S 54 15' W.
Thanks to Richard Buchli D.V.M. Ph.D. [ 3000 ells tall typical nephillim is approx 4400 feet tall ]

J.P. Skipper writes, “The super bright interior lighted dome is very strong civilization evidence but, as strong as it is, it is not the main evidence here. In this above second image we can also see for the first time the main item of civilization evidence in this report panning horizontally well to the left of the brightly lighted dome.” At the center left of Kaiser Crater pointed out by arrows, is a rounded upright processing plant structure clearly of artificial origin. There is a lot of very heavy tampering applications such as pixilation and distortion fields applied to this scene at official level all around this site.

This incredible industrial plant sits inside of, within, and to the left interior edge of a crystal clear dome that can't been seen well at all because of its clarity, except for its edges. We are extremely fortunate to be able to see such extremely rare detail on the type of Mars civilization evidence that has otherwise generally been so thoroughly sanitized from all Mars satellites. The fact is that the official explanation for any inexplicable objects like this is always "dunes," even when they are clearly, as in this case, not that. I just want you to notice how these massed objects are all in distinct long parallel rows and obviously have no resemblance to sand dunes. The only reason that these heavy distortions haven't been completely successful in obscuring details is because the dome is itself a very large object and it's a tremendously bright internal light source and that strong image is over powering the heavy distortion.

This image demonstrates the bright dome's basic shape rather well but this is especially true of the rounded processing plant. Note the upright vertical orientation and smooth horizontally rounded contours of this industrial building. Especially note the smooth rounded arch of the faintly but distinctly seen very clear dome's edge on the right of the plant structure as pointed with arrows. The plant is puffing vapor and its dome are not the only extraordinary evidence. Look close and you will see that the main plant structure is not centered under the dome but offset over to the left side/edge within the dome's interior. The reason for this is the necessity of the very large barrel of a straight mostly horizontal exhaust stack sticking out of the top area of the building to the left, through, and sticking just outside of the dome. Further, this stack is clearly in the process of puffing smoke and/or vapor further to the left just off the end of stack's big barrel.

This extraordinary evidence obviously points to this facility being fully functional and in operation. Further, the reality of the dome's surface being so clear and clean, when periodic dust storms are suppose to be so frequent and prevalent, also demonstrates that this facility is being actively maintained and kept clean of sediment. All of this type of evidence obviously points to the fact that this civilization evidence must be considered currently active and not the remnants of or ruins of some long dead civilization.

Here in this Viking imaging they obviously look like long parallel rows of many individual hard objects that show rows of clearly geometric rectangular elevated structures very suggestive of buildings, just seen distantly through distortion and poor resolution. These parallel lines and rows are evidence of outright civilization. Thanks to NASA and