Friday, April 23, 2010

Linguistic Prediction of the Space War
compiled from
clif high

The SpaceGoatFarts entity continues to accrue data sets in support of the [alien wars] linguistics at all levels of previously noted support, as well as in new aspect/attribute sets. Some of the largest areas of growth in support of previously cited aspect/attribute sets include the [rural anxiety/fear] sets that had been discussed in ALTA reports of 2/two and 3/three years ago.

These [rural fear/anxiety] sets are based around the concept of [acceptance (of alien visitation)] here on earth, as well as the conjunction of the [increased, and visible, alien abductions] which will [create/trigger] a [wave of panic] in [rural areas (most notably in the USofA)] in which [inhabitants] of these regions will be [standing guard] of their [doors] with [loaded weapons].

Much of the [rural anxiety/fear] sets are also participating in a much larger linguistic structure that is going to the context of [planetary (global human populace) consensus (that the) aliens (are) evil] .

This attitude of [acceptance of alien evil] is not the result of social meme engineering by the [officialdom], though there is plenty of that going on, rather this is a case of the [planetary human populace] sensing the [evil intent] from these [alien beings] that is then backed up with the [service to self] motivation of these beings becoming quite clear indeed as they continue to express their fundamental attitude of [“all you humans are as lab rats to us”].

It is this [exposure (to) self serving evil] and [collective (giant) ego] being manifest by the [aliens] through the [abduction episodes] following the [contact] exposure of early 2010 that propels the [on-guard, shoot first, then shoot again, then look at the result] attitude among [rural dwelling peoples].

The data sets describe a number of [accidental killings] of humans by humans as a result of this [wave of justified fear], as well as the [production] of a number of [alien corpses]. At this point the [alien wars] linguistics starts to rise toward dominance of the SpaceGoatFarts entity.

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The [contact] meme is forecast to take another very large jump upward in global collective consciousness this Fall and Winter, albeit against a background of [dollar death] and [chaotic economic and social] conditions that are further augmented by [rampaging disease] and [revolutionary impulses (made manifest)].

The [contact] meme continues to grow such that by 2011 the [alien wars] context is forecast to have [planetary visibility]. It is worth noting that the [contact] meme is being forecast as [generating] or [creating] a [pluralistic understanding] of the [nature of life in universe] such that terran humans will come to accept [humans], [hominids], and [aliens] as [existent] not only in universe, but also within our [local environment].

The [off-terra humans] are further classified into [friendly], [indifferent], and [bastards/self-serving space scum]. The [hominids] are not so easily understood, and are forecast to be a continuing [question/debate] for [decades].

These [hominids] include the [greys (aka archons)] who are (and will be) known [agents (for/of) evil masters], as well as [lying/self serving collective ego/mind creatures]. Many of these will be ‘victims’ in the [shotgun response episodes to alien abductions].

A large group of the [aliens] sub sets within the [contact] sub set of the SpaceGoatFarts entity are supported by aspect/attributes that suggest at least some [alien (non human dna beings)] will be [accepted (as) emotional (cousins)] to terran humanity, as these beings will possess the [fundamental 3/three natures], as described here at HPH as being able to honestly answer the following 3/three questions: “what is your favorite kind of pie?”; “how do you express your art?”; and, “what is your favorite bob marley song?”.

This [acceptance (of aliens)] as [emotional cousins] is forecast to really really muddy the waters of the [contact] meme as well as to [press down] upon all forms of existent [belief systems] such that every [religion] and many [spiritual practices] of these days will be ‘fundamentally affected’ {ed note: pun intended}, and many, perhaps the majority will be [abandoned] and will [fade] into [ancient history].

As an adjunct note to the [alien wars], there are supporting sets from SpaceGoatFarts entity that are cross linked over to the [looting/rioting incidents] in both the USofA (Maryland, we think), and the [looting of the vatican]. In both cases the [alien wars], and the [contact] linguistic sets gain large areas of support from the [dispersion/distribution] of [real history (of terran humans and planet earth)] that is forecast to come not from the [alien contact] per se, but rather from the [suppressed knowledge] held by the [TPTB] in their [religious vaults] and [government lairs].

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