Friday, February 19, 2010

IT'S STARTING: Fed Raises Discount Rate...
DHS was at the federal building waiting for the attack...
Had emergency crews accross the street prior to attack...
Communist anti-taxer being spun as Tea Partier!...
Five Muslim Soldiers Arrested at Fort Jackson in South Carolina...
Tea Party on the defensive ...

Alex Jones TV World Exclusive Source: FBI Knew Austin Attack Was Coming

Russian Intelligence
Joe Stack’s final words given to his fellow citizens, the indictment against the tyrants seeking to destroy America has now been put forth-to ridicule by the elites-but for greater understanding for those like this Gray Champion who gave his life so that others may arise and defend their freedoms before all is lost… his mission yesterday, when he crashed his plane into the Echelon Federal Building in Austin, Texas, was to strike a blow for freedom for his fellow citizens, who unlike him had forgotten that death really holds no fear for those fighting tyrants.
Robert Jones
The social order of the country is getting razor-thin as unrest is beginning to unfold [ just like the kamikaze attack on the IRS building in Austin, TX yesterday] and as the air gets heavier with the weight being brought down on the people of the United States you can guarantee this is just the beginning of the things to come.
Sheriff prepares to defend county from feds
In Montana there is now an attempt to put legislation in front of the voters called the “Sheriff First Law”. This law will require any Federal Law Enforcement Agency to get the permission of the county sheriff first, before undertaking any action in a county
Feds Set Up Firebase in Idaho
February 19, 2010



I got this response written below (edited for anonymity) from a contact to whom I'd sent Al Cuppett's latest report on German soldiers in VA. The info on American Falls, Idaho is important because, according to the source who lives there, the local residents are getting alarmed that all the surrounding properties are getting bought up by rich strangers, Hispanics who seem like drug lords in their demeanor and who intimidate reluctant ranch owners into selling. According to my source, the control of the local dam would give control over water provision for a huge area, and he fears that there's a covert arrangement for the government to take over and their enforcers will be Mexican drug gangs. The new DHS Humvees is just the latest detail, but significant when taken in context.


"The little town of American Falls, Idaho, just got rid of their (2) cop cars today, and got (4) Yellow Humvees compliments of DHS. In addition they got "new" police officiers who stick out like sore thumbs, real unfriendly types, ( anonymous witness) says they are "feds". Also on the topic of Foriegn troops, he said some local Reserve AFB just had 1500 foriegn troops show up today! Along with support vehicles and Light Armor. He said its sickening how the local government is fawning all over them, but the locals are really, really ticked off!

The Harrisburg,PA Police Chief just resigned as well. (Anonymous witness) knows him personally, he said it has nothing to do with martial law, but with how bankrupt the state really is, and close the state and country really is to a financial meltdown and the ensuing anarchy,
The Police chief is liquidating everything he's got and getting out of Dodge so to speak."