Friday, February 12, 2010

Clinton: Blair to Work More with Mitchell on Partition of Jerusalem...
180,000 without power in Dallas...
Meteorite Hits Mexico Leaving 30 Meter Crater
Fireball Sighting 2-2-2010, in Ireland Linked to Meteor Reports

Bolide 6:30PM 2-11-2010
Ahuazotepec, Mexico meteorite impact was so massive it broke windows in homes many kilometers from the epicenter and people reported buildings swaying and mass confusion. Other reports said the Mexico meteorite impact partially damaged a road and a bridge.
Winter blast in south...

Snowpocalypse USA Feb 11-13th and really dangerous events 15th-17th
This period will be very dangerous, there will be many extremes of snow, storms and supercold or heat (S hemisphere) or sharp temperature contrasts in some places
Around Feb 14-16th (or 15-17th):
  • Massive snow deluges and white-out: Alps – especially French Alps
  • A Ferocious storm - Force 11 or probably hurricane force 12 near Iceland
  • A powerful storm crosses the US SouthEast around 25/26 Feb