Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ed and Elaine Brown Convicted of Plotting to Kill Feds

Jul 10, 2009 14:08

Ed and Elaine Brown were the family that refused to file federal tax forms until they were shown the law and who were then 'Wacoed' and besieged until the feds raided the house and arrested them.

The feds convicted them, but not of tax evasion. Instead, they "were convicted Thursday on all counts of plotting to kill federal agents!" What we were told about misdemeanors being a form of terrorism are true; by resisting arrest and refusing to come out with your hands up, you are guilty of plotting to kill them. That would explain why protestors are regarded as low level terrorist by the army.

The prosecuting ACORN, U.S. Attorney Michael Gunnison said, "By rejecting the rule of the law and substituting a personal code involving weapons, explosives and threats, the defendants committed increasingly serious crimes," acting U.S. Attorney Michael Gunnison said. "Their conduct has no place in a civil society."